December 19, 2009

fall 2009 is a history

dah settle dah sem ni.
just done with my last paper APLNG 200 a while ago.
what left now it to pray for good results despite the one A- for Geosc444, which I'm really really disappointed and angry at myself.

up next, kek lapis time. gonna bake 2 or 3 cakes maybe. for what? nak jual during Muktamar 2009. I'll not be present for the occasion, however some of us MECUSA member will be there.

lepas tu?? VEGAS babeh!! oh yeahhhhHHH!!!

November 30, 2009

omg lamanya dah tak update blog

well, thanksgiving break was fun!
got to do unusual stuffs kat NYC. naik kete kuda, makan kat Hard Rock and Planet Hollywood. shopping kat Forever 21. *lol* and as usual, black friday shopping kat Woodbury. Did not spend byk pun kali ni, sbb i need to control my budget for the upcoming winter trip.

btw, nak share with you guys a video of me singing Mad World. Lagu nih, Adam Lambert penah bawak dlm american idol, and i love this song since then. have fun!

October 28, 2009

macam baru semalam

baru tersedar how fast time flies.

macam baru semalam aku masuk sekolah asrama penuh.
macam baru semalam aku dapat result pmr.
macam baru semalam aku jadik penolong ketua naqib (yes! jangan korang tak taw)
macam baru semalam aku tengok petra nabila kat hksbp muar.
macam baru semalam aku buat kenduri doa selamat result spm aku.
macam baru semalam aku nangis kat bilik mandi kmb.
macam baru semalam aku kenal amir, zamri, jepa and shedot.
macam baru semalam aku buat international passport.
macam baru semalam aku baring atas katil time dapat result IB.
macam baru semalam aku mendaftar masuk Mifflin Hall.
macam baru semalam aku celebrate 21st birthday aku.
macam baru semalam aku karaoke tak ingat dunia dengan miah and sab.
macam baru semalam aku spent whole day ngan aith talking about break ups.
macam baru semalam aku beli tiket pegi west coast (memang semalam pun!)

borak2 panjang ngan wan tadi over our late lunch (when i was supposedly be in class listening to Sridhar's lecture on glacier), aku rase mcm byk sgt bende dah berlaku dlm hidup kteorg. we shared lots of stories tentang families, tentang pahit manis hidup memasing. how we went through the 2 years of our life in KMB. and macam mane kteorg penah buat ibu masing2 tersinggung, cerita tentang pengalaman dapat result pmr, spm and IB. within that short period of one hour, kteorg mcm menyelongkar balik diari hidup masing2. and that was when i realized that Ive been through a lot of things and that time flew so fast.

and then I went home to know that I missed the first lecture in Glacier chapter, by a great Glaciologist, Sridhar Anandakrishnan. **sighhhh***

pengajaran: jangan ponteng 203 lagih!


my bank account balance is fewer by 363.90 just by clicking that 'pay by Paypal now' button.

October 24, 2009

1st day

first day as a student scheduler = fun + a lot of candies! =)

October 22, 2009

October 20, 2009

azam baru?

i was 'ym'ing with my cousin just now.
and i feel like there is a new spirit in me to get going in life, especially my study here in Pennstate.

azam baru pada hari ke 19 bulan Oktober.

October 14, 2009

home decor

we stayed up late last night, and went to bed at about 3.30am.
guess what we were doing?
believe it or not, fawwaz, fashli and myself did some home decor. the furniture arrangements were changed here and there.
and there u go, our apartment looks new! hahaha..
EXCEPT for the shoe part. yeah, this house has a lot of shoes (i mean super duper banyak) that if we were to arranged them neatly, it will only stay arranged for no more than one day.
so next up, we gonna get a couple of shoe rack, and then our decor mission will be completed! yeay!

gtg to class now.
i have exam tomorrow.
wish me luck!

October 11, 2009



The purpose of this e-mail is to inform that we have selected you to be the next Student Scheduler here at South Food District. These interviews were extremely competitive and when all was said and done, we felt you were a perfect fit for this position There is not a set date on when training will be begin but we would like you to attend our next Student Trainer meeting on October 18th at 9:45 in the Heritage room to introduce you to the rest of our staff.

Congratulations you should be very proud of yourself and we can't wait to have you on-board as part of our management staff.

David J Fenstermacher Jr
Student Manager, South Food District
HRIM Undergraduate Student
The School of Hospitality Management
The Pennsylvania State University

October 9, 2009

lagi lagi raya

ade lagi satu open house sabtu nih..
that makes this year nye raya celebration, 4 weekends in a row..
fuhhh..record tuh!
kat malaysia pun x mcm nih..

anyway, thanx to lexington's guys for the invite!
i would definitely come!!

October 6, 2009


Zombieland was so much fun! fantastic movie!!!
up next: Paranormal Activity..
anyone up for it?

October 2, 2009

Beyonce oh Beyonce

Beyonce 'I Am..' World Tour live in Malaysia 25 October 2009!!!!!

**gigit jari sampai pengsan!!**

Ku Percaya Ada Cinta

pandang pandang alam ini
sambil pandang difikiri
mana bumbung langit tinggi
mana lantai bumi
tiap satu yang terjadi
tidak mungkin tersendiri
cuba cari jawapannya
andai meragui

October 1, 2009

pintu rindu

telah ku daki puncak tertinggi
telah ku turun lembah dan gurun
tidakku temu mana pintuMU
untukku seru rasa rinduku
sungguhku buta dalam cahaya
sungguhku lupa tika bahagia
sedang Kau dekat bukan di mata
sentuhMu erat di pinggir jiwa
sedang Kau dekat di pinggir jiwa
biarkan air mata melimpah
biarkan luluh cinta tercurah
segala kasih rindu tertumpah
seluruh hati aku berserah
ku tunggu waktu bila bertemu
hidup matiku hanya untukMU

September 28, 2009

download jgn tak download

semalam banyak download lagu. albums basically. ni die yg aku donlod:

  • Tahajjud Cinta
  • Confession No. 1
  • Masih Jelas
  • Jaclyn Victor III

Bukan aku tak sokong industri, tapi camne nak beli kat sini?? nan ado! hahahaha..donlod la jawabnye..ngehehehe..

Fakta tambahan:

  • Aku suke "Ya Rasulullah" cover by Dato' Siti. Nak nanggesss dengar hokayy.
  • Afgan deserves the APM awards he won. Totally! And I wonder bile la Malaysian male singer nak produce album mcm die nih.
  • Jac did a 10minutes medley song called "Koleksi Gemilang" which I think was pretty lame. Sbb die include banyak giler gampang lagu, and each song ada like 10 perkataan je before switching to another song. Paling best pun time die tarik sore nyanyi 'Dia....Isabella......' like what she did during AJL last time.
  • Hafiz's vocal doesn't shine much in the album. He is far better performing live. The fact that ade singles from AF7 finalists dlm album die sgt tak perlu. Mcm mane album die nk qualify for any award show? Mmg mustahil. He just kissed goodbye to AIM.

September 27, 2009


my days since the 1st day of Syawal have been very hectic. pagi raya last week mmg busy giler..mlm raya, i was spending my time in the kitchen preparing laksa sarawak until 2.30 in the morning, but the dishes were still undone. *sigh*

I woke up late pagi raya tuh, like 9am, so x sempat sembahyang raya pun..sampai2 je kt HUB lawn, org dah bersalam-salaman. So what I did was, snaping pictures!! =)right after sembahyang raya ada potluck raya kt college park, which this was the reason why I prepared laksa. but, dtg college park, dgn laksa yg x siapnye, so kelam kabut la sambung masak kt dapur rumah si nadia tuh..hahahaha..anyway, sambutan kt college park mmg meriah ya amats!! bising gler wey! hahahaha..dari college park ke rumah bashe, then rumah kak ifah and finally rumah kak lia..and it was like 8 at night when I reached home. EXHAUSTED!
**at the HUB lawn**

**College Park open house**

**with yasmin**

**at Bashe's**

**at Kak Ifah's**

and the class ran as usual. oh yeah, I went to The Fray concert on Monday night. It was pretty awesome. I bought their CD. And trust me, they have really good musics.

**the fray**

and aku kembali bermain squash after almost one year tak main. felt so good!!! and went swimming too. so at the end of the week, satu badan sakit okayyy! tapi xpe..janji fit! hahahahaha..
**me in action =)**

and then there came saturday. i worked at 8am as usual. balik kerja terus shower and siap2 utk beraya..UMNO at PSU ada buat open house kat UT..sgt best! i wore my 2nd baju raya...took lots and lots of pics..and food was fantastic! went home terus tido, sbb penat giler..sbb the previous night, main squash sampai 12am, n then went to bed at 2am..pastuh, bangun awal plak nak keje kan? so yesterday mmg a heck of a day for me.. but i enjoyed every second of it. =D
**UMNO open house**

biggest upset in college football last night. IOWA upset PSU. so be it.

and today, ade plak field trip. thank God, they put me in the noon slot. So didnt have to worry about getting up early.

this week is gonna be very busy for me.
I have assignments and labs due almost everyday. 1 lab on wednesday, 2 labs due on Friday. and exam on tuesday! ohhhhh..tak start study pun lagi..matilah!!

ok then.
gtg to the field trip.
gonna be sucks coz it's raining now.

p/s: pictures are up soon!

September 18, 2009

Beraya di sini saja

di mana jua pun kita berada, Aidilfitri itu tetap sama..
dengan siapa pun kita meraikannya, Aidilfitri itu sama juga..
juadah apa pun yang kita sediakan, Aidilfitri itu masih juga sama..
1 Syawal itu tetap 1 Syawal..
Apa yang membezakan, hanyalah pengertian Aidilfitri itu kepada kita.
Makanya, sambutlah Aidilfitri seadanya..makanlah berpada-pada, gembira pun berpada-pada..
Yang penting, panjatkan kesyukuran pada Yang Esa atas kurniaan Ramadhan pada kali ini yang insyAllah, berakhir dengan satu kejayaan.

**p/s: sebenarnya frust tak dapat pegi DC. So, berayalah di State College yg permai ini ye Encik Haleem! =)

September 17, 2009

i'm mobile~

ttbe excited sbb first time blogging through my mobile phone..
mmg xde motif..skg tgh dok bosan tunggu kelas start..hehe...

ok then,

September 15, 2009


**yes aku mencarut so what??**

raya minggu nih, 30 org je boleh pegi DC..
out of the 30, 12 seats are allocated for seniors..
so we're left with 18 seats..
and priority is granted to those who can drive and who has never experienced raya kat embassy (wtf!)

and aku x bley drive and aku dah dua taun berturut turut sambut raya kat embassy..

wtf wey!!
mmg x adil..
plus, they give ways to those yg nak tengok football match this saturday!
meaning, will be leaving state college at 4pm on saturday..which is sooo fuckin late okayy!!
as if they are making way to those yang boleh drive, yang tak pernah pegi raya kt DC and yg ada tiket football to enjoy the game dulu..**urghhhh!!!**

aku sangat emo!!
peduli korang nak cakap ape, but aku mmg emo skg nih!
babi ah!

September 14, 2009


just realized i haven't marked my planner the dates on which I have my midterms, quizzes, finals etc etc..hahaha..
am i putting myself behind in planning??
omg! what am i turning myself into??
they say, fail to plan is planning to fail..
hurm..ok, pantas la mark the date sekarang!!

it is one week until 1 Syawal but yet, I feel nothing about it except just some random chat about how we celebrated raya back home during Iftar at the masjid just now.
yeah, frankly, i miss decorating my house..hanging all the kad raya even though nowadays, we less likely give kad raya to others..blame the technology? hurmm..
and i miss the chaos in my nenek's house, how everyone else in the house cannot disturb my nenek's lemang..she's the only one who knows from A to Z in regards to that..
what else?
of course I miss salam salam with my see mum's tears whenever she salam my brother's tears whenever he salam my mum..but i pelik..i never had tears time salam2 nih..i dont know the reason why, but maybe i just
have this cold kinda heart. yeah, if u ask me, my brutal 2nd brother is much more sensitive than me..percayalah..
i miss ziarah2 too..1st day is to ziarah family, 2nd day for mum and dad'd friends, and i can only 'ngabang' with my friends as we sarawakian calls it, on the 3rd day of raya.
now i miss raya..

here, we celebrate raya but obviously not as meriah as back home la, kat tempat org kan? hurmm..
hopefully 1 Syawal falls on the Sept20. it's sunday, so hopefully we can make a trip to Washington DC to celebrate raya with all the officers..baru ada feeling2 balik kampung sikit..hehehehe..

*p/s: mak, mintak kad raya!!!

nyum nyum!

ok then, need to catch up with my sleep!!
see u guys later!

September 13, 2009

some random questions that my best friend tagged me to answer but in the end i realized it is a self reflection test kinda thing.

If someone says ‘Are you okay’ you say?
I'm fine.

How would you describe yourself?
I don't know. happy go lucky? u decide..

What do you like in a guy/girl?
guy: sense of humor
girl: hair..and overall sense of fashion..

How do you feel today?
tired. weekend suppose to be relaxing, but mine was not.

What is your life’s purpose?
what ah?
maybe to get a good life?
but what is a good life?
As far as I'm concern, its the happiness that counts. tak kira la, duit sikit mana kan? tapi skg nih, susah la kalau duit sikit..

What’s your motto?
never pull back. keep striving forward. **i just figured this out**

What do your friends think about you?
hurm..maybe some freaky guy who loves to judge others..and most importantly, bising! **kot?**

What do your parents think about you?
harapan keluarga.
*yeah, cliche, but its true for an eldest son like me..**

What do you think about very often?
harap2 dapat keje ng petronas..sbb petronas suke sgt release die nye scholars skg nih..*fingers crossed*

What is 2 + 2?
math is a definite logic. so it's 4!

What do you think of your best friend?
i dont know, i just miss her like everyday. hopping kat blog die everyday, hoping yg die update selalu.
she's a really cool girl who understands me. die tak hypocrite! i suke fashion die. indie! hahaha..
**take that miah!**

What is your life story?
aku rasa hidup aku dull. biasa je. in fact, kekadang tu lonely gak.
nothing special happened in my life tho.
just some blessings from God-loving and caring mother, always excel in school, dapat fly and hopefully many more to come. InsyaAllah.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A good human being- son, husband, father (insyaAllah), employer, friend.
And someone who leads a good life.

What will you dance to at your wedding?
i dont know if i will ever do that. but, if there's a choice, it would be 'selamat pengantin baru' by saloma?? twist sikit!
hahaha.. lame!!!!

What will they play at your funeral?
i dont know. decent talkin dah memadai.

What is your hobby / interest?
singing is a passion. its not like hobby or anything.
hobby or interest?
travelling and shopping definitely!
plus bowling and volleyball.

What is your biggest fear?

What is your biggest secret?
it wont be a secret if i reveal it here, wont it?

What do you want right now?
an at least $1000 balance in PNC bank account.

What do you think of your friends?
yang ok tuh, i make friend with them. yang tak tuh (those yg fail in my 1st impression test), i tak approach or making eye contact or cakap with them.
but dont freak out.
there are lots of people who proved me wrong. so cheers!

What will you post this as?
some random questions that my best friend tagged me to answer but in the end,
i realized it is a self reflection test kinda thing.

September 10, 2009


Nih ade latest Raya song + video from Nuh Hujan, kolaborasi bersama Raihan..
best gak...

September 6, 2009


tak tahu kenapa happy semacam arinih..

September 1, 2009

new beginning, maybe?


i intentionally start this entry with a sigh.
there are a lot of stuffs that made me sigh in these past couple of days.
froms class scheduling to work, everything is like giving me headache.

i've been adding and dropping was like my addiction in the first week of class..french 001, kines 046 etc etc, just to name few. I was trying to add my credit beyond 13 credits that I'm having because I think 13 is just too little. LOL
but, in the end, I end up with yeah, only 13 credits. *sigh*
i only have 4 courses, with one course meets once a week and another one meets twice a week.
pretty laid back schedule eh??

ohhh..this seems to burden me especially in this fasting month.
I work early in the morning, from 8am-1.30pm on saturday and sunday (yes, weekend people!) and from 6.48am-11.ooam on Monday. Basically, I work 3 days in a row, and it made my sleep time to be less than 5 hours for 3 consecutive days.

however, not everything is troublesome this semester.
there are some good things too.
i got some monetary awards from EMS and this definitely reduces my financial burden.
i'm hoping and have a lil confident to score a stellar 4.0 this semester. so masuk je junior year, semangat tu membara bara gak la kan, dah schedule kosong, kelas x banyak, kalau result teruk tak taw la..hahaha..
and not to forget, i have new companion, a Samsung Jack..hihihi..bought it one day after I arrived from Malaysia. It's a pretty 'smart' phone i can say. LOL
what else?
hurm..yeah! we got a new car! A 2000 Hyundai Sonata. We bought it for only $1300 and it is shared by 8 people! hahaha..

ok la, i think that is it for now.
sangat mengantuk nih.

*p/s: selamat menyambut ulangtahun kemerdekaan ke 52 wahai negaraku Malaysia. May 'she' live in peace and prosper.

August 12, 2009


kemalasan berganda ganda skg nih..
mmg malas gler nk hupdate blog..
there arent much stories to share anyway

my summer went well
anyway, I have been travelling all around Malaysia, except for pantai timur and sabah.
been to Perlis, and went all the way down to Johor
been to Kuching which took us 12 hours of driving from the northernmost part of sarawak, Miri.
and these are pretty much 80% of Malaysia already. hahaha..

went to Wanie's wedding. the pengantin were gorgeous despite the extremely hot weather. love the maroon and gold theme.

OBS was fun. met a lot of new friends and surely they'll be missed. did some very challenging activities and turned out to be fun after all.

went to Najib's wedding reception in Kuching. sangat meriah okay!!!! their wedding costumes were gorgeous!

basically, i was away from home for 3 weeks out of my only 6 weeks break. blame me for my decision of taking summer classes! hahaha..

the condition overhere is worsening with heightening H1N1 cases plus the jerebu and the kemarau hence the water crisis in most parts of Sarawak. *sigh*

yeah, and a good news that keeps me blushing and pleasantly happy. *lol*
i dont wanna share the story. hahaha..wanna keep it to myself.
btw, here's the hint **wink wink**

Why do I keep running from the truth
All I ever think about is you
You got me hypnotized, so mesmerized
And I just got to know
Do you ever think when you're all alone
All that we can be, when this thing can go?
Am I crazy or falling in love?
Is it really just another crush?
-peace out-

July 18, 2009


entah la, aku nih, kalau kat mesia je, malas gler nak hupdate blog.
maybe citer kt mesia nih x sepanas citer kt state college kot..

July 1, 2009


I was experiencing both the sunny and rainy New York City today.
Really loved the sunny and windy part of it. Went to the UN for the 1st time.
But the all-of-the-sudden heavy rain turned it off.
The supposedly awesome Times Square experience in the summer turned horrible with us running from one store to another in the hope for the rain to stop.
But, it was good after all.
We did not use the subway at all. Yes! We walked, that my foot hurt really bad right now.

Earlier in the afternoon before we hit the Times Square, we went to the Malaysia General Consulate office because Zul needed to get his emergency travel document. But guess what, he quarrelled with one of the officers regarding issues with time and phone call. You guys dont wanna know why coz I totally think Zul was right. And luckily, the other officer helped him and by 3pm he got that document.

And yeah, we had Halal gyro for lunch and Indian Briyani for dinner (we splitted 2 orders into 4!). And not to forget we spent $37 for parking!! How expensive was that!!! But, considering it's NYC and that we parked for 12hours, it wasnt that bad. It was only like $3 per hour. hurmmm, that more like it. Sounds good.

Oh, this was my 1st experience going to NYC by car. We got to drive around despite the one-hour-stucked-in-the-traffic-jam moment. *sigh* But we enjoyed it so much, coz obviously Subways couldn't do that. haha...

And now, we're already back in the hotel which is only 1 mile from Newark airport. The guys (Fashli and Q) still have half day tomorrow before they depart for State College. We are still figuring out what the plan is gonna be tomorrow.

need to hit the shower.


June 26, 2009

Transformers y'allz!

Tranformers 2 brought me to orgasm!
That's how great it was!

June 19, 2009


x suke la mimpi malam tadi..
it brought me back my past memories that I thought had been permanently erased from my mind..

sometimes, a dream could make you sigh or berfikir panjang once u bukak ur mata..then boleh termenung panjang plak lepas tuh and then you would question urself (sambil menampar-nampar pipi sendiri),
"ape jadah yang aku mimpi nih???"
"betulke ni mimpi?? ke...realiti??"

what it could be telling me?
I hope it's just a dream..just a more than that..I dont wanna make my simple life now, complicated..
But, deep down I felt like wanting the dream to come true, but that would take a miracle to make it happen. WHY? Hanya DIA yang tahu..

p/s: happy 20th birthday Shamilah!!!

the graduates' gay outing =p

tadi first time swim kt state college! the US perhaps..
yes 1st time!

i love to swim tapi sampai skg nih, x penah ade chance nak swim kt mane2 walaupun dah dekat 2 years dok kat penn state nih..

and tadi petang, we all (the graduates-me, zul, Q, fashli) went to the whipple dam..mmg xde keje kteorg nih and zul suddenly came out with the idea..sounded gay! (ye la, pegi berempat camnih, feeling feeling di kala matahari terbenam..hahaha..radikal sial!!)
but, we had fun! hahaha..main frisbee (this is soooo gay!), swam a bit (i was the only one who swam in that freakin cold water!), bagi itik makan (could this be GAYer??) and tengok wonderful scenery kt lookout tuh (hyper gay!! PERIOD)..mmg chantekkk sebab it was almost sunset tadi..

konklusinya, i'm looking forward to another whipple dam picnic! serius nih!
BBQ sounds fun, and swimming mesti best kalau matahari memancar panas!

anyone wanna join?
the SIX FLAGS trip this weekend cam xjadik je, so why not we BBQ kt whipple dam?

**the pic was taken weeks ago..ini bukanlah permandangan whipple dam time kteorg pegi tadih..hehehe..**

June 18, 2009


How on Earth could I have missed Armageddon ever since it was out in 1998????
I only got to watch this awesome movie yesterday, for the first time EVER!!
Yes, only after it reaches his teenage years!! LOL
And this is definitely my favorite-and-the-best-movie of all time, to date. PERIOD.

Perhaps it really motivates me to be a great Geologist one day and I mean this! Geologist can make a good astronaut for sure. hahahaha.. I love the part where Rockhound (the geologist) said,

"God, I hate knowing everything!"

And now I'm working my ass off to be a geologist that knows everything!!

-peace out!

June 16, 2009


Any suggestion nak wat ape weekend nih?
sebab minggu nih je i will not be busy sebab next weekend haruslah aku celaru packing nak balik kan?
so nak wat ape?
adakah Six Flags??
adakah Atlantic City??
adakah Pittsburgh??


niat di hati nak pegi six flags. nak overcome my fear of height. os kof la dengan naik all of the rides. the waterpark sounds fun indeed!

sape nak join angkat tangan!!

June 15, 2009

The Departure

Title: Daju's Departure
Location: State College Airport
Date: Saturday, June 13th

So, here are some of the pics

June 13, 2009


Daju'll be leaving State College in less than 2 hour from now.
Sayonara Daju!
Hope u'll have a safe trip home.
And you'll surely be missed!!
Thanx for all the wonderful moments we had here in Penn State!!

p/s: i see u at the airport in a while with a bouquet of flower. **JK bout the flower..hahaha..**

June 11, 2009

I'm begging for help

I just found out that the online course that i'm taking right now, MUSIC 009 runs all summer long. I thought it was only for the fisrt summer session. So, here i am, totally STUCKED! I'll be away for at least 2 weeks in July and that would cost me 2 weeks worth of quizzes points and a peer review assignment. *sigh*

The thought of dropping this class is a NO NO! coz i'm already tired of looking for courses that satisfy US/IL, and most importantly, courses that is not so hard to get an A. Plus, if I were to drop it, that would mean that I'm stranded here in State College now, wasting my precious summer holiday just to take the f**kin 1.5 credits tennis class. 


So, I will have to find the way out of this problem. But how?? I cant think of any possible solution right now but someone proposes me to ask for someone's kindness to help me for that 2 weeks. Meaning, someone who can read the respective chapters for the respective quizzes and pf course answer them for me and also doing the peer review. But the big question is: who will help me??? 

So to anyone out there who is so kind to help this poor little guy, please let me know ok?? I really need the help when the time comes. And in return, I'll try my best to treat you at Berkey Creamery for 3 times, which equivalent to the number of tasks that you will need to help me out. Just let me know, if any of you readers out there (Penn Staters please...) would like to give me your generous and helping hand.



June 8, 2009


i just downloaded some new tones to my phone recently..
and i'm so thrilled coz they're my favorite songs!
there are 3 of them:
  • No Boundaries by Kris Allen
  • Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny) by The PCD ft A.R. Rahman
  • Dead and Gone by T.I. ft J. Timberlake

and I listen to No Boundaries everyday.
I love this song particularly after listening to it several times coz when Kris sang it for the 1st time in the AI finale, i didnt fall for the song. However, now that I listened to various renditions of this song, i found myself totally into it. My favorite is of course acoustic version of it as we all know, Kris is so very lively with his guitar.

*switching topic*

as usual, i woke up at 12.
feeling so sore coz yesterday i played tennis like there were no tomorrow! and i absolutely will play more tennis later this afternoon! sooooo into this game right now but havent got the chance to buy a tennis racquet for myself yet. *sigh* and yeah! Federer won the French Open!

and we watched 'The Nines' last night. I was hoping that this movie would make me jump off the chair but hell no! It left us with mere frustrations! We didnt even get the motive of the movie! I felt like jumping out of this building instead! The movie was so f**ked up that we felt like that was the worst 2 hours of our entire life! So guys, dont ever think of watching this movie eventhough the ratings were not that bad actually. The thing is, I just didnt get it! maybe, it requires a lot of thinking and concentration which I dont quite agree as i personally think that the whole point of wathing movie is to make u feel good, and RELAX. 

oh well, forget about the movie.
I think i should hit the shower!
see u guys later!

June 5, 2009

Annoyed. That's how i feel. period

have u ever felt annoyed before?
of course yes right??
that is how i feel right now.

im annoyed with this guy whom i know for some times.
talking to somebody else about him already makes the annoyed feeling comes through me.
not that he did anything wrong to me but, hey, everything that he said and acted irritates me to death.
it's like he knew and did every single thing known to mankind!
isnt that annoying? to me, yes! big time!

and now i feel very very distance to him.
so distance that the bond that once very strong now getting weaker.

at times, i wish we could be like before.
chilling and have fun.
but time has changed everything.
now that we are all different, we are more matured and getting older, I feel utterly different about him.

to Mr X,
i apologize if u ever read my blog and that u can sense that im talking about u.
i really hope we can build the bond and connection that we used to have.
i miss the old u i must say.
and i wish u best of luck for your future.

June 4, 2009

blog list

my blog is half way done with the updating and stuff.
i still need to put on my blog list, yang berjela-jela tuh..
all the lists dissappear when I switched to this new layout, hence it will take me some time to recover all of them

so what u guys think?

June 2, 2009

summer boredom!

now im brutally bored with my summer life here.
should have gone back home last week, but what to do? all the tickets were sold out.

my summer routine:
-go to bed at 2am
-wake up at 1pm (thats funckin 11 hours of sleep! sometime, it was more than 12 hours!)
-tennis at 4pm (the best part of the day)
-music009 after tennis

and that's it!

and i only be working on Friday and Saturday this week.
basically, the weekdays are suck! haha..

so, the weekend is when the fun begins.
On friday, we catched a movie and i watched 'Ghost of the Girlfriend's Past'. All i can say, it was worth my $7.25! haha..

last saturday, we had this huge potluck gathering at my place. A lot of Malaysian delicacies and they were all mouth-watering at first sight! haha..
my personal favorite pick would be the rendang, pau ayam, popia, kek batik, bihun and definitely the kuih jala. Thanks everybody!
and later after the makan-makan, we watched couple of movies: Wrong Turn and Love Actually. I recommend them both! Must watch! WARNING: you shouldn't eat anything while watching Wrong Turn, unless u gonna chock or unintentionally vommit! trust me! haha..

and on sunday, went to play tennis coz it was really beautiful out. hung out at the creamery. bought myself a cookie and cream ice cream. that was my 1st time buying ice cream for myself there at the creamery. only after my 2nd year here, pathetic isnt it?? haha..all this while, i just tasted what everyone was having, without the need to buy for myself..LOL

oh yeah, spent almost an hour reading others' blogs, and i wonder, how the hell they are so RAJIN to update their blog! they are so much committed with blog-updating and this intimidates me, hence this entry. haha..

i personally love NONO's blog. Is it because she being my best friend, or is it her humble-and-honest-writing that makes me craving for more from her?
So, Miah, jangan kembang gilak idong u ya! haha..keep writing girl!
People, presenting to u Nono's blog: and so she writes

I think that is it for now. gotta run to the kitchen and look something to eat. breakfast perhaps? haha..its already 1.50pm. LOL

p/s: selamat hari gawai to all my friends, teachers and those who celebrate it. GAYU GURU GERAI NYAMAI!

May 27, 2009

So many things that could make you sigh

so many things happened in the past few weeks:
-I got a terrible GPA
-My application of living alone with a rent rate at $670/month was rejected by Petronas
-My auntie passed away due to heart complication
-Started the summer session classes. Changed classes here and there. Did a late drop for the 1st time (Eng 202C).
-Switched my minor from Sociology to Mathematics
-Daju, Kavind and Ajmal graduated. so long, farewell.
-The Midwest Games has been canceled due to the worsening swine flu condition
-Left alone at home while my other roommates went hiking to Smoky Mountain and received a bad news from them saying one of our friends, was drowned to death.
-And it was raining all day today


p/s: Al-Fatihah to my dearest auntie and friend. May them rest in peace.

May 17, 2009

sarawak and AF

The 1st sarawakian ever emerges as the winner of the 7th cycle of Akademi Fantasia.
Congratulations Hafiz!
So I'm very proud..

p/s: Hafiz, let me know whenever u visit new york..we can definitely hang out! hahaha..

May 13, 2009

live blogging katanya..hehe..

ok people..
its 1.51am now and im blogging from Hagerstown, MD.
am feeling so sleepy.
need to get a good rest for tomorrow..
yeah, ill be going to Hagerstown Prime Outlet!!!!! **adeke duit??**

May 4, 2009

ke mana perginya

seringkali telintas di benakku
ke mana perginya impianku untuk menjadi guru matematik?

guru matematik aku
aku masih ingat
wanita yang begitu sopan tingkahnya
begitu anggun tampaknya
"inilah ciri-ciri isteri idaman," kataku
kami semua menyukainya
kalau aku jadi guru matematik
mungkin aku menjadi kesukaan juga
aku mahukan itu
perhatian dari insan bernama pelajar

*menung durja*

dari matematik, ke ilmu tentang batu
bagai musim salji dgn musim panas bezanya
geologi itu musim salji
banyak kelengkapan perlu ada
tidak cukup dengan 2 lapis baju, 4 lapis pun kadang2 tidak memadai
silap kasut di kaki
terjelupuk la akibatnya
menjadi tertawa mata-mata memandang

matematik itu aku katakan musim panas
yang orang tidak sabar-sabar akan kehadirannya
waktu besuka ria
tidak perlu fikir masalah dan cengkam di dada
kalau panas
carilah kipas
pendingin hawa lagi bagus
lagi cepat hilang panas itu
kalau panas
pakai baju nipis pun tak apa
kadang-kadang tidak berbaju itu lagi syok rasanya
pendek kata
kalau panas solusi nya mudah sahaja

**menung panjang**

tapi inilah lumrah..
lumrah yang bukan kita penulisnya..
kita hanya melakonkan..
penulis dan pengarah..
DIA yang di atas..

aku sedang menghadap buku geologi marin yang 813 muka tebalnya

**menung durja lagi**

berjayakah aku dalam ilmu batu ini?
hanya DIA saja yang tahu
kerana DIA yang menentukan

May 1, 2009

Kudus SinarMu

Usah ditanya di hamparan mana

Tika terlena melata berkelana

Sesayup angkasa pun pergi

Selembah turuni

Di mana berdiri

Mata tutup tak berhati

Bagai bahtera kemudi diuji

Garis terentang imbanglah haluannya

Berulang relung lapis langit

Nipisnya ragaku

Bukalah kelopak kudus sinarMu

Dia kekasih kasihNya memutih

Dia tercinta hadir tiap tika

Luhurnya teguh paut hati berkata

Sanubari idam pelukannya

Bagai bertemu rahsia

Penawar gelita

Hadir dalam damai titis siramnya

Sirna kealpaan bak pelangi

Indah penuh warna

Dusta noda mata

Jika selaut tinta

Tulislah kalimatNya

Pastikan surut

Meski selaut jua

Serlah cendala jiwa

Insankan seharusnya

Jaharkan syahdu

Detik sesaat itu

Bagaikan satu cerita

Tafsirlah sebaliknya

Cubalah mencari makna

Apakah hakikat

April 29, 2009

satu minggu lagi

one week from now and i'm done!
yes. i'm done people!
but the longest and toughest week i'll ever have it seems..
**crossing finger**

April 26, 2009

shocking elimination!

I dropped my jaw the moment AC hugged Aril, saying that he was eliminated.

a shocking elimination, it was~

April 24, 2009

the newborn! (100th post!)

yeah finally!!
this is my 100th post and coincidently marks the birth of my new baby!!


i was so thrilled yesterday morning when the FedEx driver knocked my apartment door and presenting my long awaited-new-navy blue-dell laptop. and actually, that was his 3rd attempt delivering my package sebab when he first came, no one was in the house..i was actually out to the field trip..the 2nd attemp was last tuesday tapi sume org masih tido so x sedar..

the driver came about 8.45am wednesday morning and aku lantas x pegi kelas lepas tuh, sebab sexcited sgt nak bukak and setup and evrything..

btw, it's an inspiron 1320, a 13inch miles smaller and lighter than my old laptop..
oh ya, what do i do with my old-gigantic-mr toshiba? 
hurm..i'll bring it back to malaysia this july and maybe give it to my brother..

so there you go, laptop dah dpt, so next up, FINALS!!!

April 21, 2009

my new baby

my new baby is yet to born!!

tungggguuuuuuuuuu for more stories =)

April 20, 2009

heay heay

heay guys,
i just got back from a 2 days field trip..
it was fun, exciting and of course educating..
so penat right now, tapi kene buat lab report due esok..
sekian makaseh..

April 14, 2009

complain vs muhasabah

Dear readers,

the semester is going to its end soon..
to be perfectly honest, i'm not scared of the finals..**kondifen nampak????**
but i'm more worried pasal projek2 and presentation yang rata-ratanya due before individual paper and presentation for marine geololgy..Oil and gas plak, group presentation and os kof, a paper..urgghhH!!!
i only have 2 finals tho..and i'll be done by tuesday afternoon!! how's that?? huhuu..tapi merasalah nnti penangan final geosc310..katanya, bende yg kteorg tgk tyme field trip weekend nih, sumenye masuk final! matilah camni! 
oh, bercakap ttg field trip tuh, sabtu n ahad nih kteorg round2 eastern PA..berjalan jalan melihat alam sambil menganalisa segala jenis batu batu, formasi formasi and later on, reconstruct balik the history of this region..

actually, aku dah fed up dgn diri sendiri sebab sikit2 nak melatah..nak complain ni, nak complain tuh..padahal sume bende pun dah tau due date tak, last minute baru nak terhegeh hegeh buat..tu baru bab buat assignment..kalau study for exam pun sama je kekdahnyew! kalau x last minute x sah..contoh terdekat..semalam ade exam sociology..aku siyes underestimate the materials of this, aku amek ringan sajor..pukul 12 tgh mlm baru start nk study..mengantuk plak, so tdo la aku tanpa menghabiskan study berkenaan..besoknya, menyusahkan diri sendiri bangun awal untuk habiskan the chapters..and for this particular exam, aku gamble by not reading the textbook..aku just bace lecture notes semata mata..
so nk tahu kesudahannya??
seperti yg dijangka, 20% of the questions came from the textbook yakni, die x ajar lanson dalam's ur own responsibility to further read the aku main baling dadu la jawabnyah! pilih jawapan berasaskan logik semata-mata..walaubagaimanapun, aku harap markah aku x terok la..kalau terok sekalipun, i know i deserve it..**dush dush tamparan di dahiku!!**

sorry, teremosi sat..lega jugak rasa dapat meluahkan kegusaran di hati melalui tulisan aku yg x seberapa nih..hurmm...aku x kesah la korang nk mencarot ke nak ape..yg penting, aku cuba untuk memberikan gambaran sebenar mcm mana serabutnye kepala aku skg nih..x campur serabut sebab tgk rumah serabut..tu kene bukak cerita lain..and secara x lanson, dgn menulis entry nih, aku n korang sume dapat mengambil iktibar and pengajaran ye dak?? ye la, the biggest lesson is to not procrastinate! aku pun dah x terkire brape kali aku buat entry pasal procrastinate nih..nampak sgt aku ni x berubah lagi..masih berada di takuk lama..masih mengamalkan procrastinate..deep down, i know and i realize that this is my biggest problem, but it is yet to be overcomed..**sigh**

so help me people..
to be frank, aku rasa aku mcm nih sebab Tuhan x tunjuk lagi bahananya..sekali Dia nak bagi, terjelupuk la aku..jatuh ditimpa tangga, tersembam muka, terpatah lengan, terbuta mata dan macam2 lagi lah..
tyme tu baru la aku tahu langit nih tinggi ke rendah..
mintak2 dijauhkan la daripada bende2 mcm nih..Amiin~

ttba dari complain2 pegi muhasabah diri plak..
ok la, now i feel motivated to work harder..

anyway, keep looking forward you guys!
we're gettin there! InsyaAllah..

Ikhlas dari hati nurani ku,

p/s: 100% sure that Kris is safe this week.

April 9, 2009

KRIS IS SAFE ya'allss!!!!!!

you just couldn't imagine how nervous I was when Ryan said it was either Anoop or Kris in the bottom 3..
I pressed my face on a pillow, didn't want to face the reality..
And my heart stomped even more vigorously..
Finally, I heard Anoop's name was called as the 1st contestant to be in the bottom 3, and he said, "Kris, you may take your seat."


**thanx morrie for voting last night**

And it was only the 1st quarter of the result show..5 contestants are still waiting anxiously for their fate..

ok gtg!
Flo-Rida is singing!

April 8, 2009

what a night !! and please save kris allen!!!!!

online shopping can be tiring sometime..
yeah, it happened to me..
I'd been browsing through the net for a decent pair of hiking shoe for these past 3 days..
and the climax was today..
to my own surprise, after hitting the 'confirm order' button, i realized that I had spent more than 3 hours looking for this particular shoe..after hopping from one site to another site, from one brand to another brand, from one review to another review..
oh my!! i'm so tired..
and confused..yeah confused because sometime, I would look for a very high quality and expensive shoe, but there were time where I would go for a cheaper price without looking much at its many things came across my mind..
does it have to be water proof? does it have to be mid cut kinda shoe? urrggghhhh....

and FINALLY I ended up with this affordable Columbia shoe because the brand Columbia itself already represents quality to me..
i know my knowledge regarding hiking shoe is very very restricted as there are a LOT of hiking shoe manufacturers besides North Face and Columbia, the 2 most popular brand among geology students..=)

CRAP! if i were to spent that 3 hours doing something more important, I cud have done more than one article summaries and maybe a lab report!!

The bottom line is, this has to be the most tiring and confusing and stressful shopping experience I have ever had..

i'm worried that he might go home tomorrow..his performance was not as convincing as his previous performances and maybe his weakest so far..the problem is that everybody did really really well especially Adam Lambert who received standing ovations from all of the judges!
I honestly think it will be either Lil or Kris or Anoop or Scott that will be sent home..considering this, I believe Lil and Anoop have a huge for Scott, I think he'll be safe..oh that left us with Kris...oh no!!! dialidol indeed, predicted Kris to go home..this definitely gives me a I feel terrible for not voting for him just now as I was busy 'shopping'..

we'll just see how it goes tomorrow..

p/s: congratulations to kak carrie for winning top female vocalist and most importantly 'entertainer of the year' during the recent ACM..all hail to kak carrie!!

April 1, 2009

Kris Allen

ok guys!
it is now official that i'm rooting for Kris Allen...
He WOW! me from the very beginning of the competition...
So here I am..
A fan of Kris Allen!!

Vote Kris Allen ya'alls!!

**sorry Anoop and Lil..**

March 30, 2009

Amy Search vs Dato' Siti Nurhaliza

That is basically what will be happening in the upcoming 4th Akademi Fantasia concert.
There is always a twist =p
The girls will be singing Amy Search's songs and the guys will do Siti's.
Hows that??
I think it will be really interesting..

I'm now paying more attentions to Hafiz, Aishah and Claudia in this cycle of AF cos I think they have what it takes to excel in the competition. PLUS! All of them are Sarawakian. **big grin**
But, I doubt Hafiz's ability to sing ethnic song. He'll be singing 'Cinta Ini', one of the songs in Siti's latest album, Lentera Timur. But, he has been so consistent for the past 3 weeks and being the best performance for 3 weeks in a row. So I hope 'Cinta Ini' won't bring him down.

Claudia's song will be 'Suralaya Dalam D Major' and Aishah will be singing 'Mentari di Ufuk Timur'.
I hope they can pull these songs really well and make them their own.

oh, btw I registered classes for Fall'09 already last night. I'll be taking 16 credits altogether. 3 Geosciences classes (as always). The other two are WMNST 003 (Woman Studies, Humanities and The Arts) which satisfy GHA and US/IL; and SOC 023 (Population and Policy Issues) for my minor.

i think this is it for now!
have a nice week you guys!


I've made my decision.
I'm now declaring myself as a Geology major and a Sociology minor student.

March 28, 2009


am really really frustrated sebab Nikki's HAWA is not even nominated for the latest AIM, i mean in a musical category..eventhough it's nominated for Best Album Cover category, but it's for someone else not Nikki..Album Misha yang sampah tu jugak dapat pencalonan..
I read Mr. Manager's blog just now and found out how sad and frustrated Nikki was in response to this..kalau dah peminat dia pon sedih, ni kan pula si tuan punya badan ye dak?? hurmm..

put the sadness aside **sedih ke masalahnye??**
and just celebrate that
MALAYSIAN NIGHT is tonight!!!
yeah baby!!

March 25, 2009

Broken-Hearted Girl

heay guys..
its been a while jugak rasanya since i updated this blog..
nothing much happened in my life last week..
except for some busy preparations for Malaysian Night which is gonna be this Friday night..2 more days to go! yeay! and yeah, I'm in charge of the PELAMIN..leading a group of 5 manpower with saudari Ada..we did a shopping for the materials at Walmart last Friday and we spent a surprisingly 3 hours there.. the best part was that we spent within our budget which is $100..

and there was a birthday party too..Apai's and Sapeq's..and played Wii after arm is still sore right now..huh..macam work out kat gym je kekdahnyew..hehe..

oh, terlupa plak nak mention the initial purpose of this entry.
Nothing big actually..
Just to let you guys now that it has been a Beyonce week for me sebab everyday pun dengar lagu Beyonce..'os kof' (Amir, 2009) la from her latest album.."I Am..Sasha Fierce".

I am currently listening to her 3rd pair of singles which are "Broken-Hearted Girl" and "Ego".
One interesting fact pasal this album is that setiap kali die nak kluarkan single terbaru, they will come in pair..why? this album is all about Beyonce true self (I AM) and her alter ego (SASHA FIERCE), lagu yg kuar mesti la satu yang serious sounded and the other one represents her alter-ego..
menarik kan?
for example, her 1st single was "If I Were a Boy" and the alter go was "Single Ladies".
Bak kata tuan punye badan, Beyonce sendiri, "I Am" tu more like what she really wants to portray or in other word, "I Am" tu adalah "Beyonce Knowles" la..And "Sasha Fierce" tu plak caters to her fans yang prefer die nyanyi lagu2 yang up tempo, gelek sana sini, menari bagai..pendek citer, she's a DIVA! hehe..**btw, lagu Diva pun best ya'alls!**

Back to the song, I really love the song Broken-Hearted Girl in particular sebab it is a really good song! I love the lyrics..the melody just seems to come together with the lyrics..very melodic, very soothing and touching indeed..
so people, go listen to this song..I encourage you so much to do so and you won't regret..hehehe..if you'd say "Dangereously In Love" was a brilliant performance of hers, I'd say "Broken-Hearted Girl" is far better than that..Her vocal has becoming more mature these days..Oh! I love Beyonce despite she's married..ngehehehehe..I love her more that Amir's love towards Kak Carrie..**exeggerate gituh** Amir, jangan sentap! hehehe..

So here's the song..
You're just a click away to listening this beautiful piece of song..**autoplay kot!! hehe**
Go listen now!!!
I say now!

Broken-Hearted Girl - Beyoncé

Btw, here's the lyrics..

Broken-hearted Girl lyrics

You’re everything I thought you never were
And nothing like I thought you could’ve been
But still you live inside of me
So tell me how is that?

You’re the only one I wish I could forget
The only one I’d love to not forgive
And though you break my heart, you’re the only one
And though there are times when I hate you
Cause I can’t erase
The times that you hurt me
And put tears on my face
And even now while I hate you
It pains me to say
I know I’ll be there at the end of the day

I don’t wanna be without you babe
I don’t want a broken heart
Don’t wanna take a breath with out you babe
I don’t wanna play that part
I know that I love you
But let me just say
I don’t want to love you in no kind of way no no
I don’t want a broken heart
And I don’t wanna play the broken-hearted girl…No...No
No broken-hearted girl
I’m no broken-hearted girl

Something that I feel I need to say
But up to now I’ve always been afraid
That you would never come around
And still I want to put this out
You say you’ve got the most respect for me
But sometimes I feel you’re not deserving me
And still you’re in my heart
But you’re the only one and yes
There are times when I hate you
But I don’t complain
Cause I’ve been afraid that you would've walk away
Oh but now I don’t hate you
I’m happy to say
That I will be there at the end of the day

Now I’m at a place I thought I’d never be…Oooo
I’m living in a world that’s all about you and me…yeah
Ain't gotta be afraid my broken heart is free
To spread my wings and fly away
Away With you
yeah yeah yeah, ohh ohh ohh

I don’t wanna be without my baby
I don’t wanna a broken heart
Don’t want to take a breath with out my baby
I don’t wanna play that part
I know that I love you
But let me just say
I don’t want to love you in no kind of way..No..No
I don’t want a broken heart
I don’t wanna play the broken-hearted girl..No..No..
No broken-hearted girl
Broken-hearted girl No…no…
No broken-hearted girl
No broken-hearted girl

lyrics courtesy:

March 19, 2009

I Told You So

semakin hari semakin kuat, cinta cinta cintaku ini..
Y'alls ingat tak that song by Safura kot kalau x silap.
And that is exactly how I fell right now.
I'm sooo in love with Kak Carrie!!
She touched my heart tadik tyme nyanyi "I Told You So" on AI Top 11 result show.
All hail to Kak Carrie!!!!!!

p/s: morrie jangan sentap!

March 18, 2009

Grand Old Opry week

Just finished watching American Idol top 11 just now.
The theme was Grand Old Opry (Country songs) and there were 2 Carrie Underwood's songs being performed. SO SMALL and JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL by Matt and Danny respectively. I love how different the way they sang those songs and they really amazed the judges.
And loving Anoop's and Kris' performances as well.
Unfortunately, country was just not Lil's cup of tea. I think she'd be safe even though she didn't performed really well.
All and all, I'm pretty sure it would be either Michael or Alexis who will leave the show tomorrow.

This is how I would rank their performance:
1) Matt
2) Danny
3) Anoop
4) Kris
5) Scott
6) Lil
7) Megan
8) Allison
9) Adam
10) Alexis
11) Michael

p/s: wish me luck for exam tomorrow!

Some random thoughts


A: You know I like spending time with you. Tapi I nak tau, kite ni KAWAN ke COUPLE?
B: Kene ade label ke? No, I mean we love each other's company kan? Itu yang penting.

**silence and a frustrated smile by A**

A: I guess you're right.

So the question is??

March 15, 2009

AF7 1st concert

Didn't like it, honestly..
But I'm proud of those Sarawakians sebab they all delivered especially Hafiz..Aishah and Claudia were not bad at all..
So far, I still do not have my favorite contestant(s)..
And it's weird sebab takde menuju puncak at the end of the concert..TRANFORMASI katanya..haha..

p/s: class will start in one day! argh!!!

March 14, 2009


holiday means to almost no blogging at all to me..
I dunno why..
i feel less likely to blog when it's school break..

and now i feel irritated by those blogs that are well-updated unlike mine, which the latest entry was written week ago..

well, nothing much is going on this spring break..I wasn't going anywhere..the furthest i'd say was the cinema where I went to watch 'He's just not that into you' all by myself couple of days ago. Why tengok sorang2? oh, because I refused to watch 'Watchmen' with my friends and decided to watch '.....into you' instead. 

yeah, one more thing,  i think i look like a 'kek lapis' now sebab hari2 pun buat kek lapis..**sigh** hence i guess my spring break is no fun at all..**sigh lagi**

and baru je recover from demam..I thank God sebab demam during spring would be a hell of a burden if it is school time..

and oh, it's my dad's 50th birthday today!
OMG! he's 50 already..people do gets old huhh?? hurmm..
Happy Birthday dad!
and am happy to hear him saying "terima kasih" when I made a birthday call just now..
ohhhh~ now I miss home already..

Oh yeah..
American Idol..
watched the top 13 last tuesday..was expecting Jorge to leave but not Jasmine..Yes, there were 2 contestants leaving the show this week, as there is a twist in the rule which i think unnecessary coz it just makes everything more complicated..
I'm pretty sure Anoop will go far in this 4 maybe, as i think Lil Round, Adam and Danny are more deserving to be in the top 3..but, things may change..we'll see..

And I love the new cycle of ANTM..the models look really good, all of them..and I love Aminat and London in particular..
I have added 'Make Me A Supermodel' as my must-watch-TV-shows alongside AI and ANTM and couple of Malay dramas on TV3, and also OIAM3 and AF7 starting tomorrow..
And I think Make Me A Supermodel is better than ANTM..less drama and more runways!

and it's almost 3am now..and i have to go to bed..need to do something important tomorrow morning..

March 5, 2009

Real quick update

Anoop Desai and Jasmine Murray will be back in the wild card show tomorrow night!
I'm sooo thrilled!
And yeah, Lil Rounds made it to the top 12 alongside Jorge and Scott. Congrats!

**gotta get back to study..ciao!**

March 4, 2009

Random sh*t

The Rules are simple. Use Google,etc to search for the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of result and post it as your answer. After that tag 7 people.

The Age of My Next Birthday.
A Place I’d Like to Travel To.

A Favourite Place.

A Favorite Food.

A Nickname I Had.

**can't believe I found this picture**

A Favorite Color.
The City I Live In.

The City I Was Born In.
College Major.
Name of My Love.

Bad Habit **it ain't bad, ain't it?**


p/s: penat jugak buat entry nih..huhu..btw, malas la nak tag, sape2 yang bace nih and berminat nak buat, so buat la ek..xnak la paksa2 orang buat..hehehe..

Ramblings in Sarawak..

lom boleh senyum sampey telinga gik..
i'd been happy for the past few days..hurm..sik, just after 4.40pm marek lekak aku siap polah exam 310..most of my happiness come from kelegaan habis exam 310..and tambah gik malam tadik, finally aku berklaka ngan hanum..nya miak vandy and she was visiting penn state..n guess wat? kmkduak klaka mcm dah kenal 5 taun and berpisah 5 taun..haha..awok ajak miak lain nangga mekduak klaka cam x ingat dunia..haha..

so, hanum, it was really nice to finally meet u! u're fun! haha..should've known u earlier kan?? tok kaWu **note the W** dah mok grad dah..alu x sempat la kita mok bergossip pjg2 gik..ngehehehe..

owh, antara isu yang menjadi bahan bualan mekduak adalah pasal tersasul bahasa swak ngan bahasa KL..and hanum crita la pasal qayyum..miak miri nk study sama ngan nya..tyme ya org dtg bilit qayyum..and tok apa nak d padah nya, "sorry la, bilik aku MENGARAI..tak sempat nak kemas.." tapi miak semenanjung suma cam x paham..hanum sorang jak leput2 tetak tyme ya..Ya Rabbi!! takorg x nangga aku tetak dgr nk di crita hanum tok..aduhh..x pat ku bayangkan qayyum boleh tersasul perkataan MENGARAI..

**qayyum was trying to say that his room is 'bersepah'..but instead of just using the word 'bersepah' he used 'MENGARAI'..the problem is, in Sarawak, it supposedly be 'MENGAREY' instead of 'MENGARAI'. So basically, qayyum 'semenanjungkan' perkataan sarawak which i think was very funny!!**

paham x nih??
**mampos la..haha..**

owh, i think this is my first entry in 'Sarawak'..yalah tek, gik happy sbb dpt melepas geram klaka swak ngan hanum mlm tadik sampey entry tok pun aku mok tulis lam bhs swak..haha..ada aku kesah?? sukati la nak?? this is the language that i'm speaking..sapa2 yang x paham ya, sorry la..buat2 paham k?

tadik aku present..haha..xda la neves glak..OKAYla..sebab dah lepas another beban of the week..nektok tinggal 2 major tasks gik yg aku kenak buat..esok lab 454 mlm tok mmg aku pulun molah..n khamis tok kelak aku ada cgek gk exam b4 aku dpt menghembuskan nafas kelegaan dan bercuti dgn tenang spring break kelak..ari khamis kelak exam 440, marine geology..aku xda la neves glak mok ambik exam tok sebab aku rasa materials nya x sesusah 310..

talking about 310, hurm..actually, xda benda pun mok d padah...haha..

owh, ok la..
aku rasa aku mesti start molah lab report ya..sbb mlm tok American Idol!! yea!!!