September 28, 2009

download jgn tak download

semalam banyak download lagu. albums basically. ni die yg aku donlod:

  • Tahajjud Cinta
  • Confession No. 1
  • Masih Jelas
  • Jaclyn Victor III

Bukan aku tak sokong industri, tapi camne nak beli kat sini?? nan ado! hahahaha..donlod la jawabnye..ngehehehe..

Fakta tambahan:

  • Aku suke "Ya Rasulullah" cover by Dato' Siti. Nak nanggesss dengar hokayy.
  • Afgan deserves the APM awards he won. Totally! And I wonder bile la Malaysian male singer nak produce album mcm die nih.
  • Jac did a 10minutes medley song called "Koleksi Gemilang" which I think was pretty lame. Sbb die include banyak giler gampang lagu, and each song ada like 10 perkataan je before switching to another song. Paling best pun time die tarik sore nyanyi 'Dia....Isabella......' like what she did during AJL last time.
  • Hafiz's vocal doesn't shine much in the album. He is far better performing live. The fact that ade singles from AF7 finalists dlm album die sgt tak perlu. Mcm mane album die nk qualify for any award show? Mmg mustahil. He just kissed goodbye to AIM.

September 27, 2009


my days since the 1st day of Syawal have been very hectic. pagi raya last week mmg busy giler..mlm raya, i was spending my time in the kitchen preparing laksa sarawak until 2.30 in the morning, but the dishes were still undone. *sigh*

I woke up late pagi raya tuh, like 9am, so x sempat sembahyang raya pun..sampai2 je kt HUB lawn, org dah bersalam-salaman. So what I did was, snaping pictures!! =)right after sembahyang raya ada potluck raya kt college park, which this was the reason why I prepared laksa. but, dtg college park, dgn laksa yg x siapnye, so kelam kabut la sambung masak kt dapur rumah si nadia tuh..hahahaha..anyway, sambutan kt college park mmg meriah ya amats!! bising gler wey! hahahaha..dari college park ke rumah bashe, then rumah kak ifah and finally rumah kak lia..and it was like 8 at night when I reached home. EXHAUSTED!
**at the HUB lawn**

**College Park open house**

**with yasmin**

**at Bashe's**

**at Kak Ifah's**

and the class ran as usual. oh yeah, I went to The Fray concert on Monday night. It was pretty awesome. I bought their CD. And trust me, they have really good musics.

**the fray**

and aku kembali bermain squash after almost one year tak main. felt so good!!! and went swimming too. so at the end of the week, satu badan sakit okayyy! tapi xpe..janji fit! hahahahaha..
**me in action =)**

and then there came saturday. i worked at 8am as usual. balik kerja terus shower and siap2 utk beraya..UMNO at PSU ada buat open house kat UT..sgt best! i wore my 2nd baju raya...took lots and lots of pics..and food was fantastic! went home terus tido, sbb penat giler..sbb the previous night, main squash sampai 12am, n then went to bed at 2am..pastuh, bangun awal plak nak keje kan? so yesterday mmg a heck of a day for me.. but i enjoyed every second of it. =D
**UMNO open house**

biggest upset in college football last night. IOWA upset PSU. so be it.

and today, ade plak field trip. thank God, they put me in the noon slot. So didnt have to worry about getting up early.

this week is gonna be very busy for me.
I have assignments and labs due almost everyday. 1 lab on wednesday, 2 labs due on Friday. and exam on tuesday! ohhhhh..tak start study pun lagi..matilah!!

ok then.
gtg to the field trip.
gonna be sucks coz it's raining now.

p/s: pictures are up soon!

September 18, 2009

Beraya di sini saja

di mana jua pun kita berada, Aidilfitri itu tetap sama..
dengan siapa pun kita meraikannya, Aidilfitri itu sama juga..
juadah apa pun yang kita sediakan, Aidilfitri itu masih juga sama..
1 Syawal itu tetap 1 Syawal..
Apa yang membezakan, hanyalah pengertian Aidilfitri itu kepada kita.
Makanya, sambutlah Aidilfitri seadanya..makanlah berpada-pada, gembira pun berpada-pada..
Yang penting, panjatkan kesyukuran pada Yang Esa atas kurniaan Ramadhan pada kali ini yang insyAllah, berakhir dengan satu kejayaan.

**p/s: sebenarnya frust tak dapat pegi DC. So, berayalah di State College yg permai ini ye Encik Haleem! =)

September 17, 2009

i'm mobile~

ttbe excited sbb first time blogging through my mobile phone..
mmg xde motif..skg tgh dok bosan tunggu kelas start..hehe...

ok then,

September 15, 2009


**yes aku mencarut so what??**

raya minggu nih, 30 org je boleh pegi DC..
out of the 30, 12 seats are allocated for seniors..
so we're left with 18 seats..
and priority is granted to those who can drive and who has never experienced raya kat embassy (wtf!)

and aku x bley drive and aku dah dua taun berturut turut sambut raya kat embassy..

wtf wey!!
mmg x adil..
plus, they give ways to those yg nak tengok football match this saturday!
meaning, will be leaving state college at 4pm on saturday..which is sooo fuckin late okayy!!
as if they are making way to those yang boleh drive, yang tak pernah pegi raya kt DC and yg ada tiket football to enjoy the game dulu..**urghhhh!!!**

aku sangat emo!!
peduli korang nak cakap ape, but aku mmg emo skg nih!
babi ah!

September 14, 2009


just realized i haven't marked my planner the dates on which I have my midterms, quizzes, finals etc etc..hahaha..
am i putting myself behind in planning??
omg! what am i turning myself into??
they say, fail to plan is planning to fail..
hurm..ok, pantas la mark the date sekarang!!

it is one week until 1 Syawal but yet, I feel nothing about it except just some random chat about how we celebrated raya back home during Iftar at the masjid just now.
yeah, frankly, i miss decorating my house..hanging all the kad raya even though nowadays, we less likely give kad raya to others..blame the technology? hurmm..
and i miss the chaos in my nenek's house, how everyone else in the house cannot disturb my nenek's lemang..she's the only one who knows from A to Z in regards to that..
what else?
of course I miss salam salam with my see mum's tears whenever she salam my brother's tears whenever he salam my mum..but i pelik..i never had tears time salam2 nih..i dont know the reason why, but maybe i just
have this cold kinda heart. yeah, if u ask me, my brutal 2nd brother is much more sensitive than me..percayalah..
i miss ziarah2 too..1st day is to ziarah family, 2nd day for mum and dad'd friends, and i can only 'ngabang' with my friends as we sarawakian calls it, on the 3rd day of raya.
now i miss raya..

here, we celebrate raya but obviously not as meriah as back home la, kat tempat org kan? hurmm..
hopefully 1 Syawal falls on the Sept20. it's sunday, so hopefully we can make a trip to Washington DC to celebrate raya with all the officers..baru ada feeling2 balik kampung sikit..hehehehe..

*p/s: mak, mintak kad raya!!!

nyum nyum!

ok then, need to catch up with my sleep!!
see u guys later!

September 13, 2009

some random questions that my best friend tagged me to answer but in the end i realized it is a self reflection test kinda thing.

If someone says ‘Are you okay’ you say?
I'm fine.

How would you describe yourself?
I don't know. happy go lucky? u decide..

What do you like in a guy/girl?
guy: sense of humor
girl: hair..and overall sense of fashion..

How do you feel today?
tired. weekend suppose to be relaxing, but mine was not.

What is your life’s purpose?
what ah?
maybe to get a good life?
but what is a good life?
As far as I'm concern, its the happiness that counts. tak kira la, duit sikit mana kan? tapi skg nih, susah la kalau duit sikit..

What’s your motto?
never pull back. keep striving forward. **i just figured this out**

What do your friends think about you?
hurm..maybe some freaky guy who loves to judge others..and most importantly, bising! **kot?**

What do your parents think about you?
harapan keluarga.
*yeah, cliche, but its true for an eldest son like me..**

What do you think about very often?
harap2 dapat keje ng petronas..sbb petronas suke sgt release die nye scholars skg nih..*fingers crossed*

What is 2 + 2?
math is a definite logic. so it's 4!

What do you think of your best friend?
i dont know, i just miss her like everyday. hopping kat blog die everyday, hoping yg die update selalu.
she's a really cool girl who understands me. die tak hypocrite! i suke fashion die. indie! hahaha..
**take that miah!**

What is your life story?
aku rasa hidup aku dull. biasa je. in fact, kekadang tu lonely gak.
nothing special happened in my life tho.
just some blessings from God-loving and caring mother, always excel in school, dapat fly and hopefully many more to come. InsyaAllah.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A good human being- son, husband, father (insyaAllah), employer, friend.
And someone who leads a good life.

What will you dance to at your wedding?
i dont know if i will ever do that. but, if there's a choice, it would be 'selamat pengantin baru' by saloma?? twist sikit!
hahaha.. lame!!!!

What will they play at your funeral?
i dont know. decent talkin dah memadai.

What is your hobby / interest?
singing is a passion. its not like hobby or anything.
hobby or interest?
travelling and shopping definitely!
plus bowling and volleyball.

What is your biggest fear?

What is your biggest secret?
it wont be a secret if i reveal it here, wont it?

What do you want right now?
an at least $1000 balance in PNC bank account.

What do you think of your friends?
yang ok tuh, i make friend with them. yang tak tuh (those yg fail in my 1st impression test), i tak approach or making eye contact or cakap with them.
but dont freak out.
there are lots of people who proved me wrong. so cheers!

What will you post this as?
some random questions that my best friend tagged me to answer but in the end,
i realized it is a self reflection test kinda thing.

September 10, 2009


Nih ade latest Raya song + video from Nuh Hujan, kolaborasi bersama Raihan..
best gak...

September 6, 2009


tak tahu kenapa happy semacam arinih..

September 1, 2009

new beginning, maybe?


i intentionally start this entry with a sigh.
there are a lot of stuffs that made me sigh in these past couple of days.
froms class scheduling to work, everything is like giving me headache.

i've been adding and dropping was like my addiction in the first week of class..french 001, kines 046 etc etc, just to name few. I was trying to add my credit beyond 13 credits that I'm having because I think 13 is just too little. LOL
but, in the end, I end up with yeah, only 13 credits. *sigh*
i only have 4 courses, with one course meets once a week and another one meets twice a week.
pretty laid back schedule eh??

ohhh..this seems to burden me especially in this fasting month.
I work early in the morning, from 8am-1.30pm on saturday and sunday (yes, weekend people!) and from 6.48am-11.ooam on Monday. Basically, I work 3 days in a row, and it made my sleep time to be less than 5 hours for 3 consecutive days.

however, not everything is troublesome this semester.
there are some good things too.
i got some monetary awards from EMS and this definitely reduces my financial burden.
i'm hoping and have a lil confident to score a stellar 4.0 this semester. so masuk je junior year, semangat tu membara bara gak la kan, dah schedule kosong, kelas x banyak, kalau result teruk tak taw la..hahaha..
and not to forget, i have new companion, a Samsung Jack..hihihi..bought it one day after I arrived from Malaysia. It's a pretty 'smart' phone i can say. LOL
what else?
hurm..yeah! we got a new car! A 2000 Hyundai Sonata. We bought it for only $1300 and it is shared by 8 people! hahaha..

ok la, i think that is it for now.
sangat mengantuk nih.

*p/s: selamat menyambut ulangtahun kemerdekaan ke 52 wahai negaraku Malaysia. May 'she' live in peace and prosper.