November 21, 2008

out of town

heay there!

just so you know that I'll be out of town this saturday for one week. I'm off to Seattle for this thanksgiving break..ohhh, am sooo excited!!

Happy Thanksgiving y'alls!!

**mode bercuti**

looking forward:
-John Legend concert
-Midwest Dinner
-Redifer Semiformal
-FINALS (??????)


November 12, 2008

November 11, 2008

John Legend Evolver World Tour

So, John Legend huh?

Who's that?? I heard about this particular singer, he's good, a talented songwriter and bla bla bla...but I've never listened to his songs..*sigh*

He's a Grammy Award winning America soul singer plus his debut album is a multi-platinum..that's huge man!!

These facts sound so good and what?? He's touring to Penn State!! Yes, his EVOLVER WORLD TOUR will reach Bryce Jordan Center on the December 4th (Evolver is his recent released album).

Question: Should I attend this concert?? It's definitely a one in a million opportunity. Plus, the ticket is just $20.

hurmm...should I??

still thinking tho...

November 10, 2008

squash freak?? you decide..

heay there my precious readers,

last week was a really busy week for me (academically, yes!)..dont wanna talk about it here..let bygone be bygone gituh..hehe..

i'm sooo relief because after one bloody month of messiness and untidiness, my apartment finally looks like a 'place to actually live in'. On Saturday morning (morning ke??), right after I jumped off my bed, I straight away cleaned the toilet..jadik makcik cuci tandas jap..omg! it was a heck of hardwork i tell you..banyak sgt tuuuuuuuut!!! hehehehehe....**jgn fikir yg bukan-bukan** and one of my roomates cleaned the kitchen and the other one took a gentle care on vacuum cleaning the entire house..and the result was breathtaking!! **gituh exeggerate**

inilah hasil tandas yg telah digilap itu..

took a shower and had my late roomate prepared a fried rice earlier..thanks!

in the middle of my meal, Bard called saying they actually waited at the Graduate parking lot already..gosh! i forgot about our plan to go to Dicks Sporting Good to purchase something..

In less than 10minutes, we arrived at Dicks..Without wasting much time, kteorg terus meluru ke racquet department..there you go, there were a lot of squash racquet to choose from, variety of brands hence the price..after making some random and rational calculations in my head, I picked this Head Squash racquet which cost me GOOD amount of money..**half of my salary..sigh**

why did I buy the squash racquet?? the reason is so simple: I am sooo in love with this sport do anything for love, don't you?? **panahan cinta katanya**

so, balik dari Dicks, lepak rumah Syahir jap to watch PSU-IOWA game which turned down the entire Happy Valley..An upset which was so unbelievable!! Daryll Clark is kissing good bye to the national championship! **dont wanna talk about depressing!!**

the best part..
at 8.30pm, I went to the Rec Hall to play squash with Bard, Syahir and Fawwaz.. nak test power racquet baru nih! and i looove my racquet!! best sgt..the feel of playing with your own racquet was just undescribeable..hahaha...after 2 and a half hours of non-stop games, we all pun balik la..bangun je pagi tadi, ya ampun!! penat satu badan..hahaha..

oh, sebelum terlupa, this is my brand new squash racquet =)

**p/s: berazam nak main squash at least 3 kali, am i a squash freak?? let u decide..hehe..

excited for the upcoming thanksgiving break..seattle, here i come!!!


November 4, 2008

Texas Instruments

Heay there precious readers,

Am preparing for exam right now. Sitting in front of a computer in the library. Tapi sempat je nak curik masa jap update blog..ngehehehe..

Texas Instruments? Does it rings a bell to you?
yes, it is a well known calculator manufacturer which i'd been introduced to when I went to KMB. I bought this so called graphic-display-calculator (TEXAS INSTRUMENTS TI-84)back then which cost me RM360. Nak jaga GDC nih, bukan bende yg mudah. Kalau terjatuh, sume org akan pandang and give an omg!-GDC-die-jatuh-matilah kinda look sebab everyone kt KMB tuh faham how precious this particular 'machine' is.

Nak dijadikan cerita, this morning, I had STAT lab at Boucke 241. The class started at 9.05am and I arrived as early as 8.50am. Sampai je lab, I straight away buat la the lab exercise and guess what, within 20 minutes, I was done. It was 9.25 when I walked out of the room.

Then I had breakfast at the HUB. Two doughnuts are good enough for me despite the fact that the campus is no longer selling Dunkin Donuts. Well, lepas makan bagai, took a bus to the library, and buat homework Geochem.

sudden sudden (teringat kak julia), when I encountered a problem that needs a calculation, I searched my bag for my PRECIOUS GDC but!! it wasn't in my bag. I had a sudden adrenaline rush! Kaku seketika. Fikir punya fikir, I realized that I might have left it at 241 Boucke. And I scolded myself for being so clumsy!! tu la, kelas habis 9.55am, aku keluar 9.25am! padan muka!

so, calmly, I checked my mailbox, harap2 TA would send me email saying he keeps my GDC. tapi nan ado!!! the only thing i hope is that Brooke, a girl sitting next to me in the class will keep it and give it back to me this Friday.

And late in the afternoon, I went back home. On my way, I decided to stop by at the bookstore nak usha calculator baru. I need to have one sebab the next day ada exam hydro which requires extensive use of calculator. Kat bookstore cam mahal jek, and I went to student bookstore at the downtown, and without much hesitation, I bought myself a new calculator, TEXAS INSTRUMENTS TI-30X IIB-an ordinary scientific calculator. And it cost me $16. Quite affordable for a Texas Instruments. Am happy despite sedih jugak my old GDC yg harganya $159 at this particular store hilang, after 3 tahun it served my needs. *sigh*

And after dinner, I rushed back to the library. Nak sambung study hydro and INART. The first thing I did was to check my mail, and guess what!!!
The TA, Matt did send me email this morning saying he keeps my GDC. The mail was sent at 9.48am!!! 7 minutes before my class officially ends. **gosh!!** Meaning to say, if i stayed a bit longer in the class, I would not have left my GDC behind.

So, LESSON LEARNED **mode kak Carrie jap**

p/s: Best jugak this new calculator, it brings back my secondary school memories~

November 2, 2008

wish me luck!

quick notes:
  • Tuesday (11/4): Hydrogeology 2nd midterm + INART 115 test #6 on Country Music
  • Thursday (11/6): INART 005 test # 3 on Modern Dance
  • Saturday (11/7): INART 005 test # on Circus
Midterm comes again! And I know everyone must be busy preparing for their upcoming exam, and so do I. So my precious readers, pray for my success will ya!!!