July 18, 2009


entah la, aku nih, kalau kat mesia je, malas gler nak hupdate blog.
maybe citer kt mesia nih x sepanas citer kt state college kot..

July 1, 2009


I was experiencing both the sunny and rainy New York City today.
Really loved the sunny and windy part of it. Went to the UN for the 1st time.
But the all-of-the-sudden heavy rain turned it off.
The supposedly awesome Times Square experience in the summer turned horrible with us running from one store to another in the hope for the rain to stop.
But, it was good after all.
We did not use the subway at all. Yes! We walked, that my foot hurt really bad right now.

Earlier in the afternoon before we hit the Times Square, we went to the Malaysia General Consulate office because Zul needed to get his emergency travel document. But guess what, he quarrelled with one of the officers regarding issues with time and phone call. You guys dont wanna know why coz I totally think Zul was right. And luckily, the other officer helped him and by 3pm he got that document.

And yeah, we had Halal gyro for lunch and Indian Briyani for dinner (we splitted 2 orders into 4!). And not to forget we spent $37 for parking!! How expensive was that!!! But, considering it's NYC and that we parked for 12hours, it wasnt that bad. It was only like $3 per hour. hurmmm, that more like it. Sounds good.

Oh, this was my 1st experience going to NYC by car. We got to drive around despite the one-hour-stucked-in-the-traffic-jam moment. *sigh* But we enjoyed it so much, coz obviously Subways couldn't do that. haha...

And now, we're already back in the hotel which is only 1 mile from Newark airport. The guys (Fashli and Q) still have half day tomorrow before they depart for State College. We are still figuring out what the plan is gonna be tomorrow.

need to hit the shower.