June 26, 2009

Transformers y'allz!

Tranformers 2 brought me to orgasm!
That's how great it was!

June 19, 2009


x suke la mimpi malam tadi..
it brought me back my past memories that I thought had been permanently erased from my mind..

sometimes, a dream could make you sigh or berfikir panjang once u bukak ur mata..then boleh termenung panjang plak lepas tuh and then you would question urself (sambil menampar-nampar pipi sendiri),
"ape jadah yang aku mimpi nih???"
"betulke ni mimpi?? ke...realiti??"

what it could be telling me?
I hope it's just a dream..just a dream..no more than that..I dont wanna make my simple life now, complicated..
But, deep down I felt like wanting the dream to come true, but that would take a miracle to make it happen. WHY? Hanya DIA yang tahu..

p/s: happy 20th birthday Shamilah!!!

the graduates' gay outing =p

tadi first time swim kt state college! hurm..in the US perhaps..
yes 1st time!

i love to swim tapi sampai skg nih, x penah ade chance nak swim kt mane2 walaupun dah dekat 2 years dok kat penn state nih..

and tadi petang, we all (the graduates-me, zul, Q, fashli) went to the whipple dam..mmg xde keje kteorg nih and zul suddenly came out with the idea..sounded gay! (ye la, pegi berempat camnih, feeling feeling di kala matahari terbenam..hahaha..radikal sial!!)
but, we had fun! hahaha..main frisbee (this is soooo gay!), swam a bit (i was the only one who swam in that freakin cold water!), bagi itik makan (could this be GAYer??) and tengok wonderful scenery kt lookout tuh (hyper gay!! PERIOD)..mmg chantekkk sebab it was almost sunset tadi..

konklusinya, i'm looking forward to another whipple dam picnic! serius nih!
BBQ sounds fun, and swimming mesti best kalau matahari memancar panas!

anyone wanna join?
the SIX FLAGS trip this weekend cam xjadik je, so why not we BBQ kt whipple dam?

**the pic was taken weeks ago..ini bukanlah permandangan whipple dam time kteorg pegi tadih..hehehe..**

June 18, 2009


How on Earth could I have missed Armageddon ever since it was out in 1998????
I only got to watch this awesome movie yesterday, for the first time EVER!!
Yes, only after it reaches his teenage years!! LOL
And this is definitely my favorite-and-the-best-movie of all time, to date. PERIOD.

Perhaps it really motivates me to be a great Geologist one day and I mean this! Geologist can make a good astronaut for sure. hahahaha.. I love the part where Rockhound (the geologist) said,

"God, I hate knowing everything!"

And now I'm working my ass off to be a geologist that knows everything!!

-peace out!

June 16, 2009


Any suggestion nak wat ape weekend nih?
sebab minggu nih je i will not be busy sebab next weekend haruslah aku celaru packing nak balik kan?
so nak wat ape?
adakah Six Flags??
adakah Atlantic City??
adakah Pittsburgh??


niat di hati nak pegi six flags. nak overcome my fear of height. os kof la dengan naik all of the rides. the waterpark sounds fun indeed!

sape nak join angkat tangan!!

June 15, 2009

The Departure

Title: Daju's Departure
Location: State College Airport
Date: Saturday, June 13th

So, here are some of the pics

June 13, 2009


Daju'll be leaving State College in less than 2 hour from now.
Sayonara Daju!
Hope u'll have a safe trip home.
And you'll surely be missed!!
Thanx for all the wonderful moments we had here in Penn State!!

p/s: i see u at the airport in a while with a bouquet of flower. **JK bout the flower..hahaha..**

June 11, 2009

I'm begging for help

I just found out that the online course that i'm taking right now, MUSIC 009 runs all summer long. I thought it was only for the fisrt summer session. So, here i am, totally STUCKED! I'll be away for at least 2 weeks in July and that would cost me 2 weeks worth of quizzes points and a peer review assignment. *sigh*

The thought of dropping this class is a NO NO! coz i'm already tired of looking for courses that satisfy US/IL, and most importantly, courses that is not so hard to get an A. Plus, if I were to drop it, that would mean that I'm stranded here in State College now, wasting my precious summer holiday just to take the f**kin 1.5 credits tennis class. 


So, I will have to find the way out of this problem. But how?? I cant think of any possible solution right now but someone proposes me to ask for someone's kindness to help me for that 2 weeks. Meaning, someone who can read the respective chapters for the respective quizzes and pf course answer them for me and also doing the peer review. But the big question is: who will help me??? 

So to anyone out there who is so kind to help this poor little guy, please let me know ok?? I really need the help when the time comes. And in return, I'll try my best to treat you at Berkey Creamery for 3 times, which equivalent to the number of tasks that you will need to help me out. Just let me know, if any of you readers out there (Penn Staters please...) would like to give me your generous and helping hand.



June 8, 2009


i just downloaded some new tones to my phone recently..
and i'm so thrilled coz they're my favorite songs!
there are 3 of them:
  • No Boundaries by Kris Allen
  • Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny) by The PCD ft A.R. Rahman
  • Dead and Gone by T.I. ft J. Timberlake

and I listen to No Boundaries everyday.
I love this song particularly after listening to it several times coz when Kris sang it for the 1st time in the AI finale, i didnt fall for the song. However, now that I listened to various renditions of this song, i found myself totally into it. My favorite is of course acoustic version of it as we all know, Kris is so very lively with his guitar.

*switching topic*

as usual, i woke up at 12.
feeling so sore coz yesterday i played tennis like there were no tomorrow! and i absolutely will play more tennis later this afternoon! hahaha..im sooooo into this game right now but havent got the chance to buy a tennis racquet for myself yet. *sigh* and yeah! Federer won the French Open!

and we watched 'The Nines' last night. I was hoping that this movie would make me jump off the chair but hell no! It left us with mere frustrations! We didnt even get the motive of the movie! I felt like jumping out of this building instead! The movie was so f**ked up that we felt like that was the worst 2 hours of our entire life! So guys, dont ever think of watching this movie eventhough the ratings were not that bad actually. The thing is, I just didnt get it! maybe, it requires a lot of thinking and concentration which I dont quite agree as i personally think that the whole point of wathing movie is to make u feel good, and RELAX. 

oh well, forget about the movie.
I think i should hit the shower!
see u guys later!

June 5, 2009

Annoyed. That's how i feel. period

have u ever felt annoyed before?
of course yes right??
that is how i feel right now.

im annoyed with this guy whom i know for some times.
talking to somebody else about him already makes the annoyed feeling comes through me.
not that he did anything wrong to me but, hey, everything that he said and acted irritates me to death.
it's like he knew and did every single thing known to mankind!
isnt that annoying? to me, yes! big time!

and now i feel very very distance to him.
so distance that the bond that once very strong now getting weaker.

at times, i wish we could be like before.
chilling and have fun.
but time has changed everything.
now that we are all different, we are more matured and getting older, I feel utterly different about him.

to Mr X,
i apologize if u ever read my blog and that u can sense that im talking about u.
i really hope we can build the bond and connection that we used to have.
i miss the old u i must say.
and i wish u best of luck for your future.

June 4, 2009

blog list

my blog is half way done with the updating and stuff.
i still need to put on my blog list, yang berjela-jela tuh..
all the lists dissappear when I switched to this new layout, hence it will take me some time to recover all of them

so what u guys think?

June 2, 2009

summer boredom!

now im brutally bored with my summer life here.
should have gone back home last week, but what to do? all the tickets were sold out.

my summer routine:
-go to bed at 2am
-wake up at 1pm (thats funckin 11 hours of sleep! sometime, it was more than 12 hours!)
-tennis at 4pm (the best part of the day)
-music009 after tennis

and that's it!

and i only be working on Friday and Saturday this week.
basically, the weekdays are suck! haha..

so, the weekend is when the fun begins.
On friday, we catched a movie and i watched 'Ghost of the Girlfriend's Past'. All i can say, it was worth my $7.25! haha..

last saturday, we had this huge potluck gathering at my place. A lot of Malaysian delicacies and they were all mouth-watering at first sight! haha..
my personal favorite pick would be the rendang, pau ayam, popia, kek batik, bihun and definitely the kuih jala. Thanks everybody!
and later after the makan-makan, we watched couple of movies: Wrong Turn and Love Actually. I recommend them both! Must watch! WARNING: you shouldn't eat anything while watching Wrong Turn, unless u gonna chock or unintentionally vommit! trust me! haha..

and on sunday, went to play tennis coz it was really beautiful out. hung out at the creamery. bought myself a cookie and cream ice cream. that was my 1st time buying ice cream for myself there at the creamery. only after my 2nd year here, pathetic isnt it?? haha..all this while, i just tasted what everyone was having, without the need to buy for myself..LOL

oh yeah, spent almost an hour reading others' blogs, and i wonder, how the hell they are so RAJIN to update their blog! they are so much committed with blog-updating and this intimidates me, hence this entry. haha..

i personally love NONO's blog. Is it because she being my best friend, or is it her humble-and-honest-writing that makes me craving for more from her?
So, Miah, jangan kembang gilak idong u ya! haha..keep writing girl!
People, presenting to u Nono's blog: and so she writes

I think that is it for now. gotta run to the kitchen and look something to eat. breakfast perhaps? haha..its already 1.50pm. LOL

p/s: selamat hari gawai to all my friends, teachers and those who celebrate it. GAYU GURU GERAI NYAMAI!