June 8, 2009


i just downloaded some new tones to my phone recently..
and i'm so thrilled coz they're my favorite songs!
there are 3 of them:
  • No Boundaries by Kris Allen
  • Jai Ho (You Are My Destiny) by The PCD ft A.R. Rahman
  • Dead and Gone by T.I. ft J. Timberlake

and I listen to No Boundaries everyday.
I love this song particularly after listening to it several times coz when Kris sang it for the 1st time in the AI finale, i didnt fall for the song. However, now that I listened to various renditions of this song, i found myself totally into it. My favorite is of course acoustic version of it as we all know, Kris is so very lively with his guitar.

*switching topic*

as usual, i woke up at 12.
feeling so sore coz yesterday i played tennis like there were no tomorrow! and i absolutely will play more tennis later this afternoon! hahaha..im sooooo into this game right now but havent got the chance to buy a tennis racquet for myself yet. *sigh* and yeah! Federer won the French Open!

and we watched 'The Nines' last night. I was hoping that this movie would make me jump off the chair but hell no! It left us with mere frustrations! We didnt even get the motive of the movie! I felt like jumping out of this building instead! The movie was so f**ked up that we felt like that was the worst 2 hours of our entire life! So guys, dont ever think of watching this movie eventhough the ratings were not that bad actually. The thing is, I just didnt get it! maybe, it requires a lot of thinking and concentration which I dont quite agree as i personally think that the whole point of wathing movie is to make u feel good, and RELAX. 

oh well, forget about the movie.
I think i should hit the shower!
see u guys later!


baizura_bye said...

yeahh semangat main tennis!! bagus2!! lak kta patut partner, geng sarawak!! yeahhhh

btw, cerita apa ya???

Abdul Haleem Arbi said...

susah la mok explain the story..go google! haha..

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