August 31, 2008

I'm Proud

Dear readers,

Malaysia is celebrating its glorious 51st Independence Day today (it's 12.50am, August 31st in Malaysia right now) and yeah, I'm so very proud.
I can held my head up high, saying that I love my country so very much. One thing that makes this MERDEKA celebration is meaningful to me is that Tunku Abdul Rahman was able to free Malaysia from the British by mere negotiation. A huge history isn't it?

And these are the histories of my own:

I still remember helping my dad putting up flags around our house.
I still remember watching my parents marching gracefully during the 43rd Merdeka celebration in Miri.
I still remember me participating in the 'pertandingan mewarnakan bendera Malaysia' at my primary school.
I still remember me participating in the 'pertandingan melaungkan merdeka' at my secondary school.
I still remember me performing patriotic songs at school.
I still remember the tears rolling down my eyes when I was watching a video on how Malaysia gained independence (it was during BTN).
I still remember everything I did for my beloved MALAYSIA.

And yeah, I'm PROUD

August 29, 2008

malu! (perlu ke?)

2 entries in less than 1 hour? what?
Bukan ape, i was just reading egy's blog for the first time, yes, first time. And i just realized that egy pun buat mende yang sama, even earlier than me, which is to list down all the people she knows who celebrate birthday in August. LOL

perlu ke malu masalahnye?'s a good thing right? that we, the "Augustus" (I just figure this out) ingat birthday masing masing..hehe..


The Augustus!!!

Well, I've never thought to see so many (many ker??) Malaysian here in Penn State who celebrate birthday in August and even the same birthday with me! Here's the list:

August 7th: Zul a.k.a the SILAT Guru
August 15th: Me myself and Beana.
August 20th: Nisa
August 27th: Far and Ajmal
August 28th: Egy (today!! Happy Bday Egy!)
August 31st: MALAYSIA (merdeka!!)

August 27, 2008


i'm happy
i love my class schedule
i love my work schedule
i love my apartment
i'm happy

August 25, 2008

what a start!!

Heay guys,

First and foremost, i would like to apologize for being 'offline' for more than a week. There were problems here and there, as I was busy returning to State College. Alhamdulillah, I came back here in one piece after 30 hours journey from Malaysia.

Yep! Before I forgot, I would like to thank each and everyone of you for those sweet birthday wishes. Thank you so much! I love you all! Muahx!

And now, talking about starting a new life as a sophomore in Penn State, actually I have no class on the first day which is today!! lol. What a start right? Well, it doesn't mean that I have so many time to kill. I have got to do a lot of stuffs. I mean a lot. Moving in into a new apartment (we moved in last Saturday, and yes, I was horribly tired; let alone the jet lag) needs a lot of chores to be done. *sigh*

By the way, here are the sneak peaks of what my apartment looks like:

August 13, 2008


1) Arinih, rumah aku bertukar wajah. Ruang tamu diberikan sentuhan baru. Was purple, now 'cabana coral'. Google up if u wanna know how the color looks like. It's nice i tell u! hiks...

2) Spent 3 hours for a facial treatment. It was a bit painful when it came to picit-picit jeragat. The end result, my face felt supple! hax!

3) Genap seminggu sebelum off to US. happy? sad? hurm..i feel kinda in between. Banyak lagi benda yg nak kene buat, like beli rempah ratus bagai, packing etc etc..

4) Genap 2 hari before me turning 21!! Happy becoming b'day to me..hehe..21 is just a number btw..

5) Never thought Amir Gurra to be a comedian a.k.a. Ratu Lawak. kalau nak taw kebenarannye, lawatilah blog sedara ini..sila klik nama beliau ittew..

6) Am excited about tomorrow, for me will be having an International Buffet Lunch at Dynasty Hotel with my brother. Hadiah from my aunt..Thanx mok!

August 11, 2008

Najib & Naili....Tahniah~

This very entry is specially dedicated to a good friend of mine, Mohd Najib bin Jaffar who wed Nurul Naili Akmal binti Jaafar, recently. The solemnization was held at Naili's place in Ampang, on the August 10th, 2008. What I heard from Syahirah, the akad when smoothly with only one lafaz. Thanks to Nazmie for uploading the pictures from the ceremony, and I'd say, they look really good and am glad and happy for them. May Allah bless both of you. Congratulations!

Thanks to Nazmie for this wonderful piece of photo. For more pictures, kindly visit his blog, lensa hati.

August 8, 2008

Pictures say it all...

Hey guys,

Now that I regretted for not updating my very blog, here are some of the pictures taken during my recent trip to Pangkor Island. Well, it was a 3 days and 2 night stay at the island and basically it was a mind relaxing vacation for me. We didn't do lots of thing, but we did snorkeling and enjoyed fresh seafood!

Here are the sneak peak!

August 7, 2008

It's happening again~

Yes, it happens again! My penyakit malas to update my blog. I do not have the answer to this. It is just the feeling; it is just different when I am back home here. I feel there is no need to do this blogging thing as I can easily reach my significant people (family, friends, etc..) through sms.

And now, there is only 2 weeks left for me to breath the Miri air. And I hope I can be a bit rajin to blog when I get back to The State.
The only update I made on my blog is on the layout as I found the one that I used to use, outdated. The content?? Never bothered to change. *sigh*
Anyway, deep down, I still feel oblige to update my recent activities (shall I say it summer activities?) here in Malaysia. There were 2 main things that I want to share: Niah Cave and Pangkor Island trips.

Ok, quoting Mr. Manager, let the pictures do the story-telling.