February 18, 2008

it has been a while..

fuh! it has been a while since i was blogging..

bukan ape, dok pening kepale ‘pikiaq’ (zulhilmi, 1987-now) pasal binary eutectic nih aku pon browse la ape2 yg patot kt web..n i found out that sim has just uploaded our pictures from last night’s latenight..

talking bout saturday, yesterday was the finest saturday i’ve ever been since the spring semester started coz i wasn’t working for saturday anymore..i couldn’t stand the feeling of weekend-cam-xde-weekend..so i dropped the shift to give me some spaces to breath during the weekend. so, dh byk sgt space ni, i woke up at like 12.30pm (biasenye awal, sbb keje pagi) n straight away went to pollock dining to grab sumthin to eat..tgk2 ade la barisan pesilat2 melayu d pennstate yg baru je habis training..so, i joined them..done with the brunch, we went to sim’s place to check out his new drum set which i personally think is f***in cool wey!! haha..(*tyme tu still ngantuk sbnrnye)..back to my room, n i was mengemas ngemas bilik which i love to do..change things here n there..tup2 dah pukul 4.30pm! huhu..time flew away very fast huh?..wan called saying i have to come for the dikir practice..n i took shower n went there real quick..my job is to be the so called tukang karut for just one song,OH CAROL..(*reminds me of the old days>>the tarian bontot)..

done with practicing, we had dinner n pool tyme!!! pool has been my new hobby since i was here (*tribute to fawwaz)..aku share duit dgn wan sbb it cost $5 per hour..n at 10 we planned to go to the POLLOCK ON ICE coz it sounded really cool, n that Qassimi kept on asking me to go..BUT! Sim had other really awesome plan for the night >> LASER TAG! it was really awesom syial! (*sorry qassimi i cudn’t make it to the pavillion)..x cukup skali coz it was our 1st tyme n we all kalah..so, we tried for the 2nd tyme after waiting for like one hour or so (playing ‘bluff’ or ‘bullshit’ says Faisal, by using UNO card which was Ron’s idea)..so, the time came n we did TAG LASERING(???) for the 2nd tyme n we won!!!! huge victory i can say n guess wat? i was the HIGHEST SCOREST =) for my team! haks!!! penat2 laser tag tu, ingatkan nak balik, but we all went to this artist and he drew our cartoons! awesome job! before the drawing thing, kteorg ttbe gile gaban amik gambar melompat! haha..cam bodo jek tp best! n then, we called it a day..