April 29, 2009

satu minggu lagi

one week from now and i'm done!
yes. i'm done people!
but the longest and toughest week i'll ever have it seems..
**crossing finger**

April 26, 2009

shocking elimination!

I dropped my jaw the moment AC hugged Aril, saying that he was eliminated.

a shocking elimination, it was~

April 24, 2009

the newborn! (100th post!)

yeah finally!!
this is my 100th post and coincidently marks the birth of my new baby!!


i was so thrilled yesterday morning when the FedEx driver knocked my apartment door and presenting my long awaited-new-navy blue-dell laptop. and actually, that was his 3rd attempt delivering my package sebab when he first came, no one was in the house..i was actually out to the field trip..the 2nd attemp was last tuesday tapi sume org masih tido so x sedar..

the driver came about 8.45am wednesday morning and aku lantas x pegi kelas lepas tuh, sebab sexcited sgt nak bukak and setup and evrything..

btw, it's an inspiron 1320, a 13inch laptop..by miles smaller and lighter than my old laptop..
oh ya, what do i do with my old-gigantic-mr toshiba? 
hurm..i'll bring it back to malaysia this july and maybe give it to my brother..

so there you go, laptop dah dpt, so next up, FINALS!!!

April 21, 2009

my new baby

my new baby is yet to born!!

tungggguuuuuuuuuu for more stories =)

April 20, 2009

heay heay

heay guys,
i just got back from a 2 days field trip..
it was fun, exciting and of course educating..
so penat right now, tapi kene buat lab report due esok..
sekian makaseh..

April 14, 2009

complain vs muhasabah

Dear readers,

the semester is going to its end soon..
to be perfectly honest, i'm not scared of the finals..**kondifen nampak????**
but i'm more worried pasal projek2 and presentation yang rata-ratanya due before finals..one individual paper and presentation for marine geololgy..Oil and gas plak, group presentation and os kof, a paper..urgghhH!!!
i only have 2 finals tho..and i'll be done by tuesday afternoon!! how's that?? huhuu..tapi merasalah nnti penangan final geosc310..katanya, bende yg kteorg tgk tyme field trip weekend nih, sumenye masuk final! matilah camni! 
oh, bercakap ttg field trip tuh, sabtu n ahad nih kteorg round2 eastern PA..berjalan jalan melihat alam sambil menganalisa segala jenis batu batu, formasi formasi and later on, reconstruct balik the history of this region..

actually, aku dah fed up dgn diri sendiri sebab sikit2 nak melatah..nak complain ni, nak complain tuh..padahal sume bende pun dah tau due date nye..ni tak, last minute baru nak terhegeh hegeh buat..tu baru bab buat assignment..kalau study for exam pun sama je kekdahnyew! kalau x last minute x sah..contoh terdekat..semalam ade exam sociology..aku siyes underestimate the materials of this course..so, aku amek ringan sajor..pukul 12 tgh mlm baru start nk study..mengantuk plak, so tdo la aku tanpa menghabiskan study berkenaan..besoknya, menyusahkan diri sendiri bangun awal untuk habiskan the chapters..and for this particular exam, aku gamble by not reading the textbook..aku just bace lecture notes semata mata..
so nk tahu kesudahannya??
seperti yg dijangka, 20% of the questions came from the textbook yakni, die x ajar lanson dalam kelas..it's ur own responsibility to further read the textbook..so aku main baling dadu la jawabnyah! pilih jawapan berasaskan logik semata-mata..walaubagaimanapun, aku harap markah aku x terok la..kalau terok sekalipun, i know i deserve it..**dush dush tamparan di dahiku!!**

sorry, teremosi sat..lega jugak rasa dapat meluahkan kegusaran di hati melalui tulisan aku yg x seberapa nih..hurmm...aku x kesah la korang nk mencarot ke nak ape..yg penting, aku cuba untuk memberikan gambaran sebenar mcm mana serabutnye kepala aku skg nih..x campur serabut sebab tgk rumah serabut..tu kene bukak cerita lain..and secara x lanson, dgn menulis entry nih, aku n korang sume dapat mengambil iktibar and pengajaran ye dak?? ye la, the biggest lesson is to not procrastinate! aku pun dah x terkire brape kali aku buat entry pasal procrastinate nih..nampak sgt aku ni x berubah lagi..masih berada di takuk lama..masih mengamalkan procrastinate..deep down, i know and i realize that this is my biggest problem, but it is yet to be overcomed..**sigh**

so help me people..
to be frank, aku rasa aku mcm nih sebab Tuhan x tunjuk lagi bahananya..sekali Dia nak bagi, terjelupuk la aku..jatuh ditimpa tangga, tersembam muka, terpatah lengan, terbuta mata dan macam2 lagi lah..
tyme tu baru la aku tahu langit nih tinggi ke rendah..
mintak2 dijauhkan la daripada bende2 mcm nih..Amiin~

ttba dari complain2 pegi muhasabah diri plak..
ok la, now i feel motivated to work harder..

anyway, keep looking forward you guys!
we're gettin there! InsyaAllah..

Ikhlas dari hati nurani ku,

p/s: 100% sure that Kris is safe this week.

April 9, 2009

KRIS IS SAFE ya'allss!!!!!!

you just couldn't imagine how nervous I was when Ryan said it was either Anoop or Kris in the bottom 3..
I pressed my face on a pillow, didn't want to face the reality..
And my heart stomped even more vigorously..
Finally, I heard Anoop's name was called as the 1st contestant to be in the bottom 3, and he said, "Kris, you may take your seat."


**thanx morrie for voting last night**

And it was only the 1st quarter of the result show..5 contestants are still waiting anxiously for their fate..

ok gtg!
Flo-Rida is singing!

April 8, 2009

what a night !! and please save kris allen!!!!!

online shopping can be tiring sometime..
yeah, it happened to me..
I'd been browsing through the net for a decent pair of hiking shoe for these past 3 days..
and the climax was today..
to my own surprise, after hitting the 'confirm order' button, i realized that I had spent more than 3 hours looking for this particular shoe..after hopping from one site to another site, from one brand to another brand, from one review to another review..
oh my!! i'm so tired..
and confused..yeah confused because sometime, I would look for a very high quality and expensive shoe, but there were time where I would go for a cheaper price without looking much at its quality..so many things came across my mind..
does it have to be water proof? does it have to be mid cut kinda shoe? urrggghhhh....

and FINALLY I ended up with this affordable Columbia shoe because the brand Columbia itself already represents quality to me..
i know my knowledge regarding hiking shoe is very very restricted as there are a LOT of hiking shoe manufacturers besides North Face and Columbia, the 2 most popular brand among geology students..=)

CRAP! if i were to spent that 3 hours doing something more important, I cud have done more than one article summaries and maybe a lab report!!

The bottom line is, this has to be the most tiring and confusing and stressful shopping experience I have ever had..

i'm worried that he might go home tomorrow..his performance was not as convincing as his previous performances and maybe his weakest so far..the problem is that everybody did really really well especially Adam Lambert who received standing ovations from all of the judges!
I honestly think it will be either Lil or Kris or Anoop or Scott that will be sent home..considering this, I believe Lil and Anoop have a huge fanbase..as for Scott, I think he'll be safe..oh that left us with Kris...oh no!!! dialidol indeed, predicted Kris to go home..this definitely gives me a headache..urgg..now I feel terrible for not voting for him just now as I was busy 'shopping'..

we'll just see how it goes tomorrow..

p/s: congratulations to kak carrie for winning top female vocalist and most importantly 'entertainer of the year' during the recent ACM..all hail to kak carrie!!

April 1, 2009

Kris Allen

ok guys!
it is now official that i'm rooting for Kris Allen...
He WOW! me from the very beginning of the competition...
So here I am..
A fan of Kris Allen!!

Vote Kris Allen ya'alls!!

**sorry Anoop and Lil..**