April 8, 2009

what a night !! and please save kris allen!!!!!

online shopping can be tiring sometime..
yeah, it happened to me..
I'd been browsing through the net for a decent pair of hiking shoe for these past 3 days..
and the climax was today..
to my own surprise, after hitting the 'confirm order' button, i realized that I had spent more than 3 hours looking for this particular shoe..after hopping from one site to another site, from one brand to another brand, from one review to another review..
oh my!! i'm so tired..
and confused..yeah confused because sometime, I would look for a very high quality and expensive shoe, but there were time where I would go for a cheaper price without looking much at its quality..so many things came across my mind..
does it have to be water proof? does it have to be mid cut kinda shoe? urrggghhhh....

and FINALLY I ended up with this affordable Columbia shoe because the brand Columbia itself already represents quality to me..
i know my knowledge regarding hiking shoe is very very restricted as there are a LOT of hiking shoe manufacturers besides North Face and Columbia, the 2 most popular brand among geology students..=)

CRAP! if i were to spent that 3 hours doing something more important, I cud have done more than one article summaries and maybe a lab report!!

The bottom line is, this has to be the most tiring and confusing and stressful shopping experience I have ever had..

i'm worried that he might go home tomorrow..his performance was not as convincing as his previous performances and maybe his weakest so far..the problem is that everybody did really really well especially Adam Lambert who received standing ovations from all of the judges!
I honestly think it will be either Lil or Kris or Anoop or Scott that will be sent home..considering this, I believe Lil and Anoop have a huge fanbase..as for Scott, I think he'll be safe..oh that left us with Kris...oh no!!! dialidol indeed, predicted Kris to go home..this definitely gives me a headache..urgg..now I feel terrible for not voting for him just now as I was busy 'shopping'..

we'll just see how it goes tomorrow..

p/s: congratulations to kak carrie for winning top female vocalist and most importantly 'entertainer of the year' during the recent ACM..all hail to kak carrie!!


Anonymous said...

I went hiking in Scotland and i used Columbia waterproofs.

waah, baru tahu rupanya brand tu famous di kalangan pelajar geology.


Amir Hazwan said...

I voted like 70 times for Kris. DialIdol had been wrong a few times this season, hopefully tonight they are wrong again gituh. But I hv to say I cudnt care less about the show. This season sucks. And the pimping by the judges is just too much. Rasa macam corrupted gila this show. Byk lagi cerita2 lagi menarik dari AI uolz! seperti make me a supermodel. ekekek..

Abdul Haleem Arbi said...

i know right!!
i'm soooo into make me a supermodel ryte now!!
meletop la that show!!