October 29, 2008

More Raya pictures and what?? Snow??

Heay there my precious readers,

Yes! It is currently snowing here in Penn State. Although it's just a snow shower but still..what the heck?? It is not even December and it's snowing!! But I do love snow tho..white and white and white..**suci katanya** (the snow shower)

oh yes!
yesterday I had an exam- Geochem 2nd midterm. And it was a total OMG!!!! Not that it was so hard.. Just that never would have I expected to see such questions, especially question #1. Mak ai!! susah betul! Hurm..am crossing finger for the result tomorrow..

and now, after being delayed for more than one week, I will present to you some of the greatest moments (my personal favorite) photographed in D.C. during the Eid Mubarak celebration at the Malaysian Embassy..
Let the pictures speak!

October 27, 2008

songs update

heay there my precious readers..

am currently busy with tonnes of assignments, quizzes and exam..i have geochem exam tomorrow..hope i'll survive the battle tho..pray for me will ya?

but, as usual, I still manage to update this very blog of mine..hehe..ye la, after one week, it needs a serious trim, just like your lawn kan?? haha..

for this entry, i'd like to share my latest favorite songs..i listen to these songs everyday, every time i logged on to any computer..but still do not have the chance to put them into my ipod..*sigh*

here you go..enjoy!!

1) Selamat Tinggal by Nikki

Selamat Tinggal - Nikki

Seriously I think, this is the best single ever by Nikki..It's a fresh new ballad in current Malaysian music scene..Her vocal performance is briliiant too!

2) Womanizer by Britney Spears

Womanizer - Britney Spears

Despite the fact that Britney has never been my favorite singer, but I'm so into this song..very catchy, sexy and fresh!

3) Single Ladies by Beyonce

Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) - Beyonce

Latest single by the diva..Will always love this songstress..**if you like it then you should have put a ring on it**

October 21, 2008

quick updates

heay there precious readers..

I was out of town last weekend. I've been to DC for a Raya celebration. It was great and indeed a good occasion to mingle with so many fellow Malaysians here in The State. And you know what, I met Qayyum, a guy from Miri who is studying at Tennessee. *jumpa juak kita kat US akhirnya..haha..*

And the full coverage with pictures is so coming soon!

I was really out of track these last couple of weekends. All these Raya thingy over'over'whelmed me **mind the double over** and I just easily got carried away thus I tend to leave my priority behind. And now, after checking my student planner, I realize that there is always something to be done, be it homeworks, essays, project and not to forget LAB REPORT! I've got to speed up my pace and play my game so that I can survive this semester with a better GPA than my previous semester. *crossing finger*

And just now, I just got 'squeezed' in into 2 other Geoscience classes for the Spring semester. They are Geosc 454 (Geology of Oil and Gas) and also Geosc 440 (Marine Geology). Initially, I wasn't able to get in these classes as they reached the class limit way before my assigned date to register. However, my Spring semester schedule is a little bit messy with a total of 19 credits. That's a lot!! My classes are here and there. Pretty hectic I can say. But I need to go to all of the classes first before deciding which class is to be chopped off my schedule board. hahaha..

Well, I need to start writing the lab report now and you guys have a great day!


October 15, 2008

The path I choose..

greetings my precious readers,

am feeling much better today..woke up early and went to STAT class..but omg! i was sooooo sleepy and drowsy!!! **nyquil effect maybe**

I feel wanting to share with you guys some stories that give colors to my life..

the path i choose
yes, the story behind this path that i am choosing, which is pursuing a bachelors degree in Geoscience here in Penn State University.

here's how the story goes:

In a car, somewhere in Kuching, Bel phoned me saying that I was rejected for Petronas scholarship, and only God knows how terrible I felt at that moment. Then, I went back to Miri, knowing that there was hope no more for me to be a Petronas' scholar, and that the Matriculation Program registration day was just 4 days ahead! I wasn't even completed my registration form let alone the preparation for the moving-in-to-the-hostel kinda thing. Thank God that I have had the flight ticket. And after some busy days, flying to Labuan we were (Me with 6 other family members). I still remember the tears rollin' down my mom's cheek when we said goodbye to each other. I felt so sad too but, I've got a lot of friends to cheer me up!!

I was a Life Science student back in the matriculation, hoping to graduate with a good GPA and got accepted to UPSI to pursue a degree to be a Math instructor. That was my goal that time, leaving behind my hope and dream to serve Petronas.

One day, I got a phone call from my mom. She told me that she just received a huge envelope and there you go, I got an offer letter from MARA, to pursue a medical degree oversea! Oversea you all!! And there I was, jumping excitedly BUT!! are-you-sure-you-want-to-be-a-doctor? popped out of my mind. It made me think more than twice about my decision whether or not to accept this MARA scholarship. are-you-sure-you-want-to-be-a-doctor? I'm scared of blood for God sake!

And finally I made up my mind. I will stay here in Labuan, hoping still, to be a Math instructor instead of a gosh!-I'm-afraid-of-blood kind of doctor. I made everybody drops their jaw. All my close friends, new friends and even my family shocked with my decision. Why the hell are you rejecting the offer to pursue a degree oversea?? My answer was simple: I wasn't meant to be a doctor. I dont want to be someone I dont want to be. But, they asked, "Why at the first place you applied a medical scholarship?" *sigh* long story you guys..might need a special entry for that. hurm..i dont think so. The reason is simple: I was so overwhelmed by the fact that I got an 1A in my Biology for the SPM, hence thinking that I was perfect to be doctor. PATHETIC isn't it??

And my life as a matriculation student run as usual. But, there was one time, during lecture when I got a phone call from God knows who. But I neglected the call. And I got the same call one week later. I didn't pick it up too. But I asked my mom to find out. And guess what? It was Pn. Rashidah Ali from Petronas ESU, mentioning that I got a second chance and I needed to register to KYUEM the next day! Despite being excited of the news, i was thinking how am I gonna get out of the matriculation college in less than one day?? From what I observed, the process of leaving the college was time consuming.

And I needed to make another big decision. Should I accept this offer?? There was no way that I will make it to KYUEM the next day. I was at Labuan at that time, and what! I had to go to Perak the next day?? Impossible, I thought. So, I made what I consider as a groundbreaking decision: I asked my mom to call Pn Rashidah saying that I will not gonna make it, and thanks for the offer anyway.

**could you imagine that?? I've already got the scholarship which once I wasn't accepted, and now, I was the one who refuse to take it!!**

It wasn't easy to make this decision knowing I had a very short period of time to come out with my final says regarding the offer. And my mom told me that, "You are the only one who know the path that you are choosing. Whatever you go for, I'm behind you."

And that brought me into tears. Thank for your endless support mom! I love you sooo much!

And God is always there to grant my wish. Pn Rashidah called my mom a little while later that day, saying I could register to KYUEM the following week so that I have plenty of time to settle down with my moving out process.

ALHAMDULILLAH. I was so grateful and thankful to God for giving me this opportunity and thanks to Pn Rashidah too, for giving me this second chance **third chance perhaps?*

And, one day before the registration day, I was already in KL and Pn Rashidah called me. She mentioned that KYUEM actually doesn't offer Geology course hence I should be registering at KMB instead. I didn't even know a thing about KMB and what IB (International Baccalaureate) was all about. But, after a long and winding road at KMB which I can say worth a lifetime, I passed with flying colors in IB. *grin*

And, here I am right now, sitting in the grand Pattee Library of The Pennsylvania State University, leading my life as a Geoscience major student, and most importantly, a Petronas Scholar.

And this is the real path I choose.

**curtain fall**

October 13, 2008

Tryin' to be a model..

this is my 2nd entry for the day..

there was an open house yesterday..organized by the east side people..and the loft was the host!
all i can say..good food! awesome pictures! wonderful time!

talking about awesome pictures, yeah, I do loooove being in a picture! and here in Penn State, we have a very talented amateur photographer-cum-geologist.. his name is Hafiz but everybody calls him Bad..and he has always wanted to spread his wings by taking portrait pictures..and there you go..egy and me tergedik-gedik, eh salah, dengan rela hati menawarkan diri to be the models..

tell you what, i thought it is damn easy to be a model..but gosh!!! it was really tiring coz it was soooo hard to get a beautiful and amazing shot..in this case, only Bad knows how the picture should be..

and these are the sneak peak of the pictures:
this is an amazing shot of egy:wait!!
where is my solo shot?

jeng jeng jeng...........

*****drum roll*****

**picture courtesy from Bad and copied from Egy's blog**

p/s: Bad, thank you soooo much!!! And I want to do more in future!

current condition

heay there precious readers,

Just some updates on my current condition..

**macam laporan kaji cuaca la plak** LOL

1) Am loving squash right now..Thanx to Nisa sebab ajak main squash semalam..and it was fun sebab kalahkan nisa..yea yea!!! and am wanting for more in future..**beazam nak main squash 3 kali seminggu..wah!!**

2) Having a flu + headache..hate it soo much! affects my daily activities so very badly..macam nak pejam mata je all the time..kepala sangat 'berat'..dugaan pertukaran musim agaknya..**sigh**

3) Excited for Raya Celebration at DC next week!! **as always la kan..** This gonna be the 3rd consecutive week of raya open house this year..mengalahkan org kat malaysia lagih!! haha..And just got excused from work without the need to present documentation!! thanx renee!!

pic from raya at DC last year:

That's it for now!!

have a good day you all!!

*p/s: go get your flu shot! it's important!

October 10, 2008

And this Butterfly Award goes to..

Heay there my precious readers =p

This entry is about Butterfly Award which I was honored as one of the recipients by the humble Amir Gurra. Thank you soo much Amir!!!

**mesti semua terpinga-pinga apa jadah butterly award ni kans??**

anyway, award nih diilhamkan oleh i-dunno-who-la-kan to recognize blog blog yang cool, as the tagline says, "for the coolest blog I ever know".

Amir Gurra's blog has been awarded and since this award is working like a chain reaction or snowball effect, Amir then awarded my blog too. Thanx again Amir!

And now, it is my turn to present this award to those blogs that I think are cool enough!!

And I am proudly presenting this Butterfly award to:

***drum roll*****

1) The Way I Am by Daju
2) She's Egy Azziera by Egy

and last but not least:

3) Amir Gurra's Blog by Amir Gurra

You deserve it guys!!!

quoting amir,

Once accepted, please do the following if you wish:

1. Put the logo on your blog;
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you;
3. Nominate any number of blog you want to share this award with.
4. Add links to those blogs on yours;
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

Let’s spread the joy of blogging and warmth of friendship through this Butterfly Award. Please accept the award and happy blogging.

lihatlah dunia!!!! **siap angkat tangan tuh!!**

*p/s: Entry nih je, aku link Amir's blog 3 times! **hambekk!!** hahaha..

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October 7, 2008

A fresh new look!

Heay guys,

I had nothing to do this morning **had no class actually**, and I was 'googling' the net for new blogger template..and there were plenty of choices..

**rambang mata macam nak beli baju raya**

and finally, I came out with this one..

I really like the combination of green and orange..it is stunning!! isn't it??

so, what do you guys think?? --> please vote at the poll!!

and one more important thing to let you guys know..

at the left side of my blog there is a page element that says 'MY PRECIOUS READERS'.

So, if you think you are one of my precious readers, please don't hesitate to click the 'FOLLOW THIS BLOG' link.

I really appreciate those who do read my blog. Thanks so much!!! **muahx!!**

and if so happen that you have your own blog, I will link yours under 'THOSE I READ'.

it's a win-win right!!!

i think, that's it for now!

happy blogging y'alls!

*p/s: dont forget to vote and be my precious readers =p

October 6, 2008

I had a blast!

i had a blast!
i enjoyed all the food!
i love raya open houses!
i love raya this year!
the food + the gossips + the pictures = AWESOME!
i'm lovin it and wanting for more!!!

more pictures at:
my raya album 1
my raya album 2

and for more 'raya at pennstate' coverage, please visit this blog:

testing 123...

a new S550 it is..
bought it last week through the net, and arrived yesterday morning..yeay!
so, these are the sneak peaks of some pictures which I captured from this brand-new-friend-of-mine..

October 1, 2008

Salam Aidilfitri


Pada kesempatan ini, saya ingin mengucapkan SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI, MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN kepada pembaca blog yang budiman dan kepada semua yang mengenali diri saya.

Kepada ibu bapa dan keluarga tercinta, rakan-rakan, guru-guru dan kenalan-kenalan, saya ingin memohon maaf atas segala salah dan silap; terlanjur laku dan kata; dan harap dihalalkan segala makan dan minum. Semoga Aidilfitri kali ini memberi sinar baru dalam hidup kita.

Maafkan saya atas segala kesilapan yang terzahir di blog ini, yang mungkin menyinggung perasaan mana-mana pihak. Teruskan menjadi pengunjung setia blog ini kerana sokongan anda membangkitkan lagi semangat saya untuk menulis. **hehe**

Akhir kata,


Abdul Haleem Arbi
The Pennsylvania State University