October 10, 2008

And this Butterfly Award goes to..

Heay there my precious readers =p

This entry is about Butterfly Award which I was honored as one of the recipients by the humble Amir Gurra. Thank you soo much Amir!!!

**mesti semua terpinga-pinga apa jadah butterly award ni kans??**

anyway, award nih diilhamkan oleh i-dunno-who-la-kan to recognize blog blog yang cool, as the tagline says, "for the coolest blog I ever know".

Amir Gurra's blog has been awarded and since this award is working like a chain reaction or snowball effect, Amir then awarded my blog too. Thanx again Amir!

And now, it is my turn to present this award to those blogs that I think are cool enough!!

And I am proudly presenting this Butterfly award to:

***drum roll*****

1) The Way I Am by Daju
2) She's Egy Azziera by Egy

and last but not least:

3) Amir Gurra's Blog by Amir Gurra

You deserve it guys!!!

quoting amir,

Once accepted, please do the following if you wish:

1. Put the logo on your blog;
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you;
3. Nominate any number of blog you want to share this award with.
4. Add links to those blogs on yours;
5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

Let’s spread the joy of blogging and warmth of friendship through this Butterfly Award. Please accept the award and happy blogging.

lihatlah dunia!!!! **siap angkat tangan tuh!!**

*p/s: Entry nih je, aku link Amir's blog 3 times! **hambekk!!** hahaha..

and dont forget to be my precious reader you guys! simply click the link at the left side of this blog!


daju said...

ehehhe...terima kasih la..susah2 aje..ahaks..
jemput2 datang open house..
bring your camera ok..
lawa la pics using your camera..

abdul haleem arbi said...

haha..thanx..bila actually u guys buat open house?

daju said...

sabtu laa.. same ngn theLoft tuh..
i mean east sides la..