October 13, 2008

Tryin' to be a model..

this is my 2nd entry for the day..

there was an open house yesterday..organized by the east side people..and the loft was the host!
all i can say..good food! awesome pictures! wonderful time!

talking about awesome pictures, yeah, I do loooove being in a picture! and here in Penn State, we have a very talented amateur photographer-cum-geologist.. his name is Hafiz but everybody calls him Bad..and he has always wanted to spread his wings by taking portrait pictures..and there you go..egy and me tergedik-gedik, eh salah, dengan rela hati menawarkan diri to be the models..

tell you what, i thought it is damn easy to be a model..but gosh!!! it was really tiring coz it was soooo hard to get a beautiful and amazing shot..in this case, only Bad knows how the picture should be..

and these are the sneak peak of the pictures:
this is an amazing shot of egy:wait!!
where is my solo shot?

jeng jeng jeng...........

*****drum roll*****

**picture courtesy from Bad and copied from Egy's blog**

p/s: Bad, thank you soooo much!!! And I want to do more in future!


Anonymous said...

hahahahaha lawa siot gmbar ni. yes aku pun nak model lagi walaupun penat.

abdul haleem arbi said...

aku pon nak!

mykrusye said...

sik da lah aku tok nak anononomess ngan kawu... haha..nya lah ya. Pasal merisik ya...nang OMG!. NMo komen. Let me make it clear...tok suzana bt napi.

LZ said...

Hahah..the 1st photo would be wonderful if to crop away the feet part!!

Amir Gurra said...

egy! ur so pretty! :D
haleem, erm pose kaw boleh improve lagi. as im typing, im viewing ur solo photo separuh kebawah, it looks stiff. and the smile is jepa-ish. if u know wat i mean *matilaaaah*

Anonymous said...

thank you amir. haleem i can't wait for raya at dc. lets hope the weather is good so bole take pictures banyak2!omg i'm so excited.hehehe

abdul haleem arbi said...

excited, i am too!!!!