October 21, 2008

quick updates

heay there precious readers..

I was out of town last weekend. I've been to DC for a Raya celebration. It was great and indeed a good occasion to mingle with so many fellow Malaysians here in The State. And you know what, I met Qayyum, a guy from Miri who is studying at Tennessee. *jumpa juak kita kat US akhirnya..haha..*

And the full coverage with pictures is so coming soon!

I was really out of track these last couple of weekends. All these Raya thingy over'over'whelmed me **mind the double over** and I just easily got carried away thus I tend to leave my priority behind. And now, after checking my student planner, I realize that there is always something to be done, be it homeworks, essays, project and not to forget LAB REPORT! I've got to speed up my pace and play my game so that I can survive this semester with a better GPA than my previous semester. *crossing finger*

And just now, I just got 'squeezed' in into 2 other Geoscience classes for the Spring semester. They are Geosc 454 (Geology of Oil and Gas) and also Geosc 440 (Marine Geology). Initially, I wasn't able to get in these classes as they reached the class limit way before my assigned date to register. However, my Spring semester schedule is a little bit messy with a total of 19 credits. That's a lot!! My classes are here and there. Pretty hectic I can say. But I need to go to all of the classes first before deciding which class is to be chopped off my schedule board. hahaha..

Well, I need to start writing the lab report now and you guys have a great day!


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