April 11, 2010

A little insight of what i do as a scheduler

*this is an email in the scheduler's inbox, from one of the managers. the purpose is to inform us, the schedulers, and the rest of the managers about this 'mat labu' and how he has been fired by akak manager kte tuh*

oh btw, semua nama watak dalam situasi ini telah ditukar untuk respect privacy.

'Mat Labu' punched in around 9:00am and went up to stock L****s, I confirmed that he was up there. 'Kak Jah' informed me around noonish that she hasn’t seen him since around 10ish. My first sweep of the building found no one. On the second sweep of the building, 'Kak Melah' found him in the computer lab. I decided my feet were tired of walking around and so I sat down beside him. He said he didn’t have anything to do. Soooo, I collected the L****s keys from him and fired him. 'Salmah', I don’t know if he punched out, but 10am would be his official end time for me since that was the last time he was seen working.

Please make sure he is black listed.

comment: mengerikan je the last statement pasal blacklist tuh. huhu..now my job is to remove him from the system and give his employee's card to the manager. kesian gak si 'mat labu' ni. org dah cakap dah berkali-kali dah, jangan escape ke computer lab tyme keje. kalau kantoi, memang kene pecat.

sila ambil pengajaran ye hadirin sekalian.

April 9, 2010

a bit of today

*fuh lega*
last night's result didn't seem to effect my overall standing in the AI pools I join. thank God.

but i still think the judges could have waited couple more weeks before they use the save. not that i dont like Big Mike, and it was a big shock that he got the least amount of votes last night, but i think the save could have been used for say, Casey James? idk.

btw, i was just done with my geobio presentation a moment ago. i think we did good as far as the contents are concern, but we did quite bad in the time department. one of us took like double the time that was allocated to each presenter. the victim? me!
it's harsh to say i'm the victim. lol
well, i was the one who were affected by that. I had to talk like there's no tomorrow, bombarding my words like a train, until there was one guy who had to ask me to slow down. no disrespect for him, but i just couldn't slow it down coz the other group member had to present her part too, in a very limited amount of time. i'm not pointing finger to anyone because i could have reminded him during the presentation that he have exceeded the time limit. but sadly, i didnt do that; neither of us did actually. *sigh*

after all, i was happy because the works that we have been putting together in this presentation turned out to be good.

and the fact that Peter (the professor) gave a tap on my shoulder and said "good job" just made my day!! **big grin**

April 7, 2010

Lennon McCartney Week on American Idol Top 9

I'm tryin to liveblog about tonight's show here:

first up, Aaron Kelly. "Long and Winding Road"
Kinda like the playback, where all the contestants talked about what they think of him.
the singing:
me: i like the huskiness in his voice. couple pitch problems. i think the song is too big to him. but, it's a nice try.
randy: I like your tone; hate the arrangement.
ellen: you're fantastic; but I dont know
kara: the same performance every week. I want to see you move on stage.
simon: i'm curious about the song choice, and the arrangement. old fashioned, very boring. you've got to become young and relevant.

Katie Stevens. "Let It Be"
me: good voice control. she connected with the audience thru her emotion. i don't like the 2nd half of the song.
randy: ur best performance ever. hot vocals. ridiculous
ellen: there is no way ure gonna be in the bottom 3. that was amazing
kara: u make the song ur own. ure blossomming, ure confident, pretty amazing. so proud of u
simon: tonight, u got it right. i can hear country. it was a lot better. well done.

Andrew Garcia."Can't Buy Me Love"
me: i just dont like the way he sings. the expression and phrasing is just herrendous. tried to hard to belt that high notes, and it was pitchy. i think he's in danger.
randy: solid performance, a bit corny, just alright.
ellen: perfect song choice for u, and i love it
kara: i wanna love it but i wanna see more, something new from u
simon: very corny, old fashioned, irrelevant. i think u got it wrong tonight. sorry.

Michael Lynch a.k.a. Big Mike. "Eleanor Rigby"
me: nice setting. love the strings. he has this crazy vocal. the 2nd half of the song was beautiful. love the energy.
randy: i love big mike, u feeling urself.
ellen: u can do everything. so many different sides of u. i thought that was incredible
kara: i thought that was fire. those vocal was amazing. it makes u commercial. great job
simon: i didnt love that as much as the other three. it's something u see in musical. i thought it was just too over the top. i kinda confuse of what kinda artist u are becoming.

Crystal Bowersox. "Come Together"
me: she rocks. awesome as always. but i think she can do better than that. she kept looking at her guitar, which was kinda distracting.
randy: yo! another solid performance. idk if it was ur best. it definitely worked. ure in the zone
ellen: its just u never fail to amaze me. amazing job. i loved it.
kara: one of my favorite performances from u. it was sexy, playful, ure more accessible tonight
simon: that's a performance i can hear on the radio. as always, terrific and much better than last week.

Tim Urban. "All My Loving"
me:he actually sounded good. but he's gonna go home anytime now. i dont like it, but i dont hate it either.
randy: i think that was a much better performances than the last couple of weeks. it was a good tim's performance
ellen: ur 2nd good performance
kara: u did take some of our criticisms.
simon: i thought u did really well with that song. there is no gimmick, just the right thing to do, u didnt try to oversing it. u take the criticism like a man. i'm very2 proud of u.

Casey James. "Jealous Guy"
me: beautiful song. he looked so confident with his guitar. good vocals too. this is a different side of him. he showed some vulnerability. i love it! the best so far.
randy: i love to see the whole sensitive vibe from u. it was really good. it was so heartfelt
ellen: ur best performance to date. so soulful. it was beautiful
kara: what u showed tonight was vulnerability which u were lacking before. (*omg, we thought the same thing!*) u could still do more.
simon: i think it was the best performance of the night so far. it showed completely differently side of u. (*omg, i was thinking like simon!*)

Siobhan Magnus. "Across The Universe"
me: i dont know why her voice sounds nasal. no screaming high note this time. good pitching. not her best performance, but better than last week
randy: love the outfit. little sleepy. i love seeing the tender side from u.
ellen: u really should always honor who u are, u r special. it was beautiful
kara: u hit the notes, u showed control. it was very restrained and polite. i am still a fan, u connected very personally.
simon: i think u came back much much stronger. u are unpredictable. u were much much much better than last week.

Lee Dewyze. "Hey Jude"
me: omg, he's smiling while he sings. ridiculous vocals as always. i like this performance, there's even a bagpipe player who joined him in the middle of the song. the audience went crazy
randy: it was another hot performance for u.
ellen: u showed confidence, ure smiling more. great job, i love it.
kara: im still a fan. i can hear u on the radio. it's hot
simon: it was weird with the bagpipe player.

overall, everyone did great. it is hard to predict who will go home. however the best performance of the night is definitely Casey James.

and here's my prediction:

bottom 3: Aaron Kelly, Tim Urban, Andrew Garcia
bottom 2: Aaron Kelly, Andrew Garcia
will go home: this is a hard pick. but i would say Aaron Kelly.

April 5, 2010


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