April 9, 2010

a bit of today

*fuh lega*
last night's result didn't seem to effect my overall standing in the AI pools I join. thank God.

but i still think the judges could have waited couple more weeks before they use the save. not that i dont like Big Mike, and it was a big shock that he got the least amount of votes last night, but i think the save could have been used for say, Casey James? idk.

btw, i was just done with my geobio presentation a moment ago. i think we did good as far as the contents are concern, but we did quite bad in the time department. one of us took like double the time that was allocated to each presenter. the victim? me!
it's harsh to say i'm the victim. lol
well, i was the one who were affected by that. I had to talk like there's no tomorrow, bombarding my words like a train, until there was one guy who had to ask me to slow down. no disrespect for him, but i just couldn't slow it down coz the other group member had to present her part too, in a very limited amount of time. i'm not pointing finger to anyone because i could have reminded him during the presentation that he have exceeded the time limit. but sadly, i didnt do that; neither of us did actually. *sigh*

after all, i was happy because the works that we have been putting together in this presentation turned out to be good.

and the fact that Peter (the professor) gave a tap on my shoulder and said "good job" just made my day!! **big grin**