April 11, 2010

A little insight of what i do as a scheduler

*this is an email in the scheduler's inbox, from one of the managers. the purpose is to inform us, the schedulers, and the rest of the managers about this 'mat labu' and how he has been fired by akak manager kte tuh*

oh btw, semua nama watak dalam situasi ini telah ditukar untuk respect privacy.

'Mat Labu' punched in around 9:00am and went up to stock L****s, I confirmed that he was up there. 'Kak Jah' informed me around noonish that she hasn’t seen him since around 10ish. My first sweep of the building found no one. On the second sweep of the building, 'Kak Melah' found him in the computer lab. I decided my feet were tired of walking around and so I sat down beside him. He said he didn’t have anything to do. Soooo, I collected the L****s keys from him and fired him. 'Salmah', I don’t know if he punched out, but 10am would be his official end time for me since that was the last time he was seen working.

Please make sure he is black listed.

comment: mengerikan je the last statement pasal blacklist tuh. huhu..now my job is to remove him from the system and give his employee's card to the manager. kesian gak si 'mat labu' ni. org dah cakap dah berkali-kali dah, jangan escape ke computer lab tyme keje. kalau kantoi, memang kene pecat.

sila ambil pengajaran ye hadirin sekalian.


zinnera cafiena said...


takutnya terleka tem kerja..

fuh fuh.. smoga aku ingat cheta tok smpai aku pencen..

Abdul Haleem Arbi said...

bukan terleka tok as..
tok namanya mengula..hahaha..