September 29, 2008

I did it!

**clap clap**

I finally baked my very first 'kek lapis' (1st in the history of my life) last night. It is called 'kek lapis citrawarna'. It's a mixture of 4 different tastes: coffee, strawberry, lemon and pandan.
Well, I started baking at 12am and the cake was completely baked at about 3am. And I was excited!! Here's how it looks like:
And, 9 hours later, at about 2.30pm, I baked my second cake called 'Kek Lapis Coklat'. Now with the help of a friend of mine, Zharif yang excited gler nak join me baking kek lapis. So, kteorg pun buatla and it was done at about 5.45pm and Zharif left without even had a chance to see how the cake really looks like. This particular kek lapis isn't as 'meriah' as the 1st one sebab ada 2 colors je, brown and yellow; with 2 tastes: chocolate and orange. And I love this cake more sebab die lagi moist and sedaappp!!!!!! waaaaa!!!

Gambar:Fawwaz tasted both cakes and he too, agrees that the 2nd cake is far more tastier than the 1st one. Hence die cakap, "Haleem, jangan bagi banyak2 kat orang kek ni. Simpan je untuk kite makan." hahaha..jangan risau, kek ini akan dipersembahkan kpd those yg berkunjung to my apartment this coming Aidilfitri. hehehe...

Me in action:

Kesimpulannya, in less than 20hours, I baked 2 kek lapis..huhuhu..impressive isn't it?? LOL

*p/s: Thanx to Beana for the mixer and Apai for the scale. Thanx!!!!

September 24, 2008

Rebound, perhaps?

heay guys..
knowing the fact that everybody says my last 2 entries were so dull **lack of entertainment gituh** and now, i'm bouncing back to my normal life, leaving all the loneliness behind. Yeah! I can do this! Hence guys, here I come, wanting to story miri on how my current life as geoscience student goes.

pasal last week..omg! busy nye..
despite the fact that I'm a Geoscience major, i'm taking 2 online courses namely as INART 005 (performing arts) and INART 115 (popular music). Why am I taking this course? yeah, they sounded fun, informative, 'lepak' and most importantly EASY.
I was wrong..there are several indicators on why you should think twice before taking these classes:

-the popular music access card for 115, cost me what? $120. yes! period!
-the cost for purchasing performance tickets for 005 is somewhere around $125. But, yg ni aku maafkan sebab I do love to attend performances. In this case, the performances include 2 musical theatre, CHICAGO and HAIRSPRAY. There is dance performance too, orchestra and i forgot what's the last one.

-both courses ada banyak sgt essay. I mean it here when i say BANYAK. Never had I complained composing essays before **as i love to write hence this blogging thing**, but these particular essays are killing me softly *gtew*.
-last week je, i had to write 3 essays. 2 for 115 (one was 500 words and the other was 350 words). And one term paper for 005. 1000 words you all!!!! and I did it within 3 hours of the last day of submission. nak mati je rase!

-exam mmg la ada kan regardless la kelas web ke, kelas pegi kelas ke..same je..tapi the reading materials for the exams are EXTREMEEEEEELY banyak!! *sekali lagi penekanan kata BANYAK di sini* banyaknye sampai mengalahkan my readings for Geosciences courses **baca ke masalahnye?? hehe**
-jadi, time dekat2 nak exam, baru nak baca hence kelam kabut! hahahaha..

At times, I thought of dropping one of these classes which could possibly be INART115 due to the mountain of essays and 8 exams tuh. tapi, mengenangkan poketku telah mengeluarkan USD120 for the access card, aku batalkan saje niat ittew..mcm satu pembaziran plak. The consequence kalau drop, I have to take another 3 credits of art class to satisfy my GA. *sigh*

So, there you go. I have to keep my energy level high to get myself through this semester despite the fact that GEOSC 202 a.k.a. geochemistry pun susahnya, ya ampun! hanya Tuhan saja yg tahu..

baru je 1st midterm geosc 202 smlm, in which i stayed up late (till 4am you all) to finish up geosc 452 homeworks.. *tu diah! procrastinate lagih** study?? nan ado! so, dgn yakinnya aku menjawab midterm tersebut dgn ilmu di dada yg mcm titisan embun banyaknye, sah2 la tak sebanding dgn ilmu Allah. **mode ramadhan jap**
and belah malamnye, bertungkus lumus wat exam INART115 with 6 other friends yg together gether amik kelas nih..nasib baik dpt markah baeek punye! Thanx Taty! u helped a lot!

and there'll gonna be another INART 115 exam next week + INART 005 exam + GEOSC 452 exam + STAT 200 exam. Thank God, that I do not have to worry much bout STAT 200. Sume bende pun mcm dah blaja back in KMB **rindu plak ng Pn Surinam**.

okayy la, cam terlebih pjg plak entry kali ni.

Keep ur finger crossed guys! hope kite cemerlang this semester hendaknya..

peace out! =)

September 22, 2008

I miss U

start to miss people already..

There's nothing wrong missing people that you should have missed. Why should we miss people? Why is there even a feeling to feel that way? Me myself don't even know the answer, as I'm no creator of human feelings and emotions. Indeed tho, we do have our own answers to our own feelings. Just that in my case, distance makes my feeling grows tremendously. Hence, I really mean it when I say I miss U. Hands down!

I miss U..

all cousins

**it will take me days and days to mention evrybody**

September 21, 2008

Lonely, I Am

All of a sudden, the loneliness in me cries its heart out. I just dont know why. So dont ask me..

And it was 'All Alone' by Chris Richardson playing when I wrote this entry. Here's the lyrics and the video that you guys can possibly enjoy.

The lyrics:

I thought we had it all planned
But I guess I was wrong (wrong, wrong)
Gave you a piece of my heart
Then you turn around and you're gone
Now what you think I wouldn't find out?
Why don't you tell me what that's all about?
I'm not about your crying, girl
Over all the lies, now the walls have fallen down
Said all my goodbyes
Tried too many times
Now I hope you see what you've me

No more love in this happy home
Say goodbye and just carry on
Write it down for the next one
So they will know
I watch the sunrise
Way too many times
Without you by my side
Cause I can't even lie
All alone
All alone
All alone
All alone

I thought about how it could have been
Remembering the days we shared
Looking back on all the memories
And when you acted like you cared
It took a second just to figure it out
And I can see the rain is falling down
I've been stuck in the middle though
It took too long for me to come around
Said all my goodbyes
Tried too many times
Now I hope you see what you've me

Now the love is gone
And you're feeling all alone
Now the love is gone
And you're feeling all alone (alone)
Now the love is gone
And you're feeling all alone
Now the love is gone
And you're feeling all alone (alone)

Don't even think about you now
Don't have any sympathy for you girl
I don't need your run-a-round
You ain't no good for me (good for me)
Now you're all alone (alone)
Now you're all alone
Now you're all alone (alone)

September 16, 2008

menghitung detik

Salamz holla!! **amir gurra**

Why salamz holla??'s just that I'm writing this entry to Amir la..specially dedicated to him katanya..LOL

Sape Amir Gurra?? la...xkan x kenal..sila lawati blog Amir Gurra untuk mengenali beliau dgn lebih mesra gittew..

Menghitung detik?? yes! die sekarang nih tgh menghitung detik kerana freshmen2 baru x lama lagi akan arrive kat QueenMary University **matila salah ejaan, ampun tuanku!**

Ada budak MARA n JPA...yg die tunggu2 budak JPA la..sah2 la kan, dah si amir tu scholar JPA yg mendapat allowance GBP950 sebulan **ttbe isu allowance*

Perlu ke sexcited eh excited masalahnyew?? Bukan apa..amir ni dari dulu lagi fi'il nya mmg mcm tuh..pantang ada junior yg baru dtg, mesti die salah lagi..excited!! kat KMB dulu pun mcm tuh..kat Beseri aku x pasti la plak..haha..

anyway, good luck amir!! **mcm nak dok exam plak**
dupdapdupdapdupdap....**getaran cinta di jiwa** oops!!

ok la, ittew sajork..bye!!

**motif sgt entry nih**
**cough haleem cough**

September 8, 2008

omg! so-stuffed-and-not-so-cool-weekend!

Heay guys!
Update time!
It's a heck of a weekend!
Stayed up late for "beramas-mesramas-mesra-alam" dgn few freshmen yg came to my apartment. Did so many annoyingly tricky games like black magic, mind reading, fazzy wazzy (whatever the spelling is). It felt awesome time kenakan budak2 ni yang kept on giving damn!-i'm-dumb-and-stupid-blur kind of face, especially Bulan! (yes! tu nama orang, nama sebenar Nublan). We had a good laugh, and it was sahur time already! Azreen (egy's twin perhaps?) cooked us fried rice for sahur at like quarter to 5am. I only slept after subuh. *sigh*

Woke up the next day at 1.30pm. Did some chores (the kitchen needs a lot of works!), laundry and it was already 5.30pm. Time to get ready for the iftar with MSD. Btw, PSU won the game against Oregon St! The majlis started at like 7pm and ended at 11pm. Good food! Love the socializing part of the event. Got to know more and more freshies! Sambung main mind reading with more people sampaikan Sab and Azreen got really really annoyed! hahahahahahaha..

Went back, and played more games on the way home. It took us an unusual 30 minutes walk to reach college park! Socialize time some more at College Park. Played more games + mafia!! A big win to Uun! Menyampah sgt sbb no one perasan yg actually she was the BIG MAFIA of the night! ceh!!!!!

Went back to my apartment only at 3.30am. Cooked rice and I had my sahur at 4am (lauk dari iftar). Slept at 4.22am. Woke up at 6.15am for Subuh. Still thinking 'nak keje ke x nih'. Opportunity cost played in my mind, and there you go. I got back to sleep despite the feeling of aku-kene-pegi-keje! yeay! It would be a warning definitely!

Woke up at 9.45am. Had a shower. Habis mandi je, Mr Aznan n Boon came! It was definitely a shock sebab sume org still sleeping all over the house! Malunya! Proceed to scholar's meeting for 2 and a half hours. Some important things addressed including the possibility of allowance raise. *it is just a possibility* *sigh*

And now, I'm typing this entry! Curik sikit masa even though assignments bertimbun-timbun! argh!!!!!!

September 1, 2008

Ramadhan Datang Lagi

Ramadhan datang lagi,
Membawa seribu erti,
Menguji jati diri,
Sejauhmana cinta pada Ilahi.

Ramadhan datang lagi,
Mengusir segala sunyi sepi diri,
Dinihariku yang malap kini kian berseri,
Dengan tasbih, selawat dan tahmid suci.

Datangmu memang kunanti,
Rinduku padamu sentiasa mekar di taman hati,
Segar mengharum di bingkai rohani,
Menjadi inspirasi pengabdian diri ,
Sepenuh jiwa raga pada raja seluruh alam,
Allah Rabbbul’alamin.

Kuharap kali ini kau takkan pergi lagi,
Walaupun kau pasti akan pergi lagi,
Meninggalkan aku, dia dan semua isi bumi,
Dan hanya akan datang menjengah kembali,
Dengan membawa malam seribu erti,
Pada tahun hadapan nanti.

Ahlan Wa Sahlan Ya Ramadhan,
Wa Marhaban Minkum
Kuharap kau tetap hadir dalam sanubariku,
Bagi mentarbiyah nafsu dan mindaku agar sentiasa,
Melaksanakan Sunnatullah,
Menjauhi mungkar dan larangan Allah,
Agar..biar lahirku nanti selepas Ramadhan,
Laksana bayi yang suci bersih,
Tanpa noda dan dosa.