September 24, 2008

Rebound, perhaps?

heay guys..
knowing the fact that everybody says my last 2 entries were so dull **lack of entertainment gituh** and now, i'm bouncing back to my normal life, leaving all the loneliness behind. Yeah! I can do this! Hence guys, here I come, wanting to story miri on how my current life as geoscience student goes.

pasal last week..omg! busy nye..
despite the fact that I'm a Geoscience major, i'm taking 2 online courses namely as INART 005 (performing arts) and INART 115 (popular music). Why am I taking this course? yeah, they sounded fun, informative, 'lepak' and most importantly EASY.
I was wrong..there are several indicators on why you should think twice before taking these classes:

-the popular music access card for 115, cost me what? $120. yes! period!
-the cost for purchasing performance tickets for 005 is somewhere around $125. But, yg ni aku maafkan sebab I do love to attend performances. In this case, the performances include 2 musical theatre, CHICAGO and HAIRSPRAY. There is dance performance too, orchestra and i forgot what's the last one.

-both courses ada banyak sgt essay. I mean it here when i say BANYAK. Never had I complained composing essays before **as i love to write hence this blogging thing**, but these particular essays are killing me softly *gtew*.
-last week je, i had to write 3 essays. 2 for 115 (one was 500 words and the other was 350 words). And one term paper for 005. 1000 words you all!!!! and I did it within 3 hours of the last day of submission. nak mati je rase!

-exam mmg la ada kan regardless la kelas web ke, kelas pegi kelas ke..same je..tapi the reading materials for the exams are EXTREMEEEEEELY banyak!! *sekali lagi penekanan kata BANYAK di sini* banyaknye sampai mengalahkan my readings for Geosciences courses **baca ke masalahnye?? hehe**
-jadi, time dekat2 nak exam, baru nak baca hence kelam kabut! hahahaha..

At times, I thought of dropping one of these classes which could possibly be INART115 due to the mountain of essays and 8 exams tuh. tapi, mengenangkan poketku telah mengeluarkan USD120 for the access card, aku batalkan saje niat ittew..mcm satu pembaziran plak. The consequence kalau drop, I have to take another 3 credits of art class to satisfy my GA. *sigh*

So, there you go. I have to keep my energy level high to get myself through this semester despite the fact that GEOSC 202 a.k.a. geochemistry pun susahnya, ya ampun! hanya Tuhan saja yg tahu..

baru je 1st midterm geosc 202 smlm, in which i stayed up late (till 4am you all) to finish up geosc 452 homeworks.. *tu diah! procrastinate lagih** study?? nan ado! so, dgn yakinnya aku menjawab midterm tersebut dgn ilmu di dada yg mcm titisan embun banyaknye, sah2 la tak sebanding dgn ilmu Allah. **mode ramadhan jap**
and belah malamnye, bertungkus lumus wat exam INART115 with 6 other friends yg together gether amik kelas nih..nasib baik dpt markah baeek punye! Thanx Taty! u helped a lot!

and there'll gonna be another INART 115 exam next week + INART 005 exam + GEOSC 452 exam + STAT 200 exam. Thank God, that I do not have to worry much bout STAT 200. Sume bende pun mcm dah blaja back in KMB **rindu plak ng Pn Surinam**.

okayy la, cam terlebih pjg plak entry kali ni.

Keep ur finger crossed guys! hope kite cemerlang this semester hendaknya..

peace out! =)


daju said...

nakk ikut pg hairspray...ehh dpt pilih2 seat ker.. or you bought yg the package tuh...

ehh chicago time raya ekk..

Amir Gurra said...

motif banyak gels kod2 seperti 200 115 442! mek penasaran! *meletakkan tangan di tepi telinga dan menggeleng2 tertekan*

abdul haleem arbi said...

haha...taw xpe..kt cni mg camtuh..sume course ade specific number..