March 30, 2009

Amy Search vs Dato' Siti Nurhaliza

That is basically what will be happening in the upcoming 4th Akademi Fantasia concert.
There is always a twist =p
The girls will be singing Amy Search's songs and the guys will do Siti's.
Hows that??
I think it will be really interesting..

I'm now paying more attentions to Hafiz, Aishah and Claudia in this cycle of AF cos I think they have what it takes to excel in the competition. PLUS! All of them are Sarawakian. **big grin**
But, I doubt Hafiz's ability to sing ethnic song. He'll be singing 'Cinta Ini', one of the songs in Siti's latest album, Lentera Timur. But, he has been so consistent for the past 3 weeks and being the best performance for 3 weeks in a row. So I hope 'Cinta Ini' won't bring him down.

Claudia's song will be 'Suralaya Dalam D Major' and Aishah will be singing 'Mentari di Ufuk Timur'.
I hope they can pull these songs really well and make them their own.

oh, btw I registered classes for Fall'09 already last night. I'll be taking 16 credits altogether. 3 Geosciences classes (as always). The other two are WMNST 003 (Woman Studies, Humanities and The Arts) which satisfy GHA and US/IL; and SOC 023 (Population and Policy Issues) for my minor.

i think this is it for now!
have a nice week you guys!


I've made my decision.
I'm now declaring myself as a Geology major and a Sociology minor student.

March 28, 2009


am really really frustrated sebab Nikki's HAWA is not even nominated for the latest AIM, i mean in a musical category..eventhough it's nominated for Best Album Cover category, but it's for someone else not Nikki..Album Misha yang sampah tu jugak dapat pencalonan..
I read Mr. Manager's blog just now and found out how sad and frustrated Nikki was in response to this..kalau dah peminat dia pon sedih, ni kan pula si tuan punya badan ye dak?? hurmm..

put the sadness aside **sedih ke masalahnye??**
and just celebrate that
MALAYSIAN NIGHT is tonight!!!
yeah baby!!

March 25, 2009

Broken-Hearted Girl

heay guys..
its been a while jugak rasanya since i updated this blog..
nothing much happened in my life last week..
except for some busy preparations for Malaysian Night which is gonna be this Friday night..2 more days to go! yeay! and yeah, I'm in charge of the PELAMIN..leading a group of 5 manpower with saudari Ada..we did a shopping for the materials at Walmart last Friday and we spent a surprisingly 3 hours there.. the best part was that we spent within our budget which is $100..

and there was a birthday party too..Apai's and Sapeq's..and played Wii after arm is still sore right now..huh..macam work out kat gym je kekdahnyew..hehe..

oh, terlupa plak nak mention the initial purpose of this entry.
Nothing big actually..
Just to let you guys now that it has been a Beyonce week for me sebab everyday pun dengar lagu Beyonce..'os kof' (Amir, 2009) la from her latest album.."I Am..Sasha Fierce".

I am currently listening to her 3rd pair of singles which are "Broken-Hearted Girl" and "Ego".
One interesting fact pasal this album is that setiap kali die nak kluarkan single terbaru, they will come in pair..why? this album is all about Beyonce true self (I AM) and her alter ego (SASHA FIERCE), lagu yg kuar mesti la satu yang serious sounded and the other one represents her alter-ego..
menarik kan?
for example, her 1st single was "If I Were a Boy" and the alter go was "Single Ladies".
Bak kata tuan punye badan, Beyonce sendiri, "I Am" tu more like what she really wants to portray or in other word, "I Am" tu adalah "Beyonce Knowles" la..And "Sasha Fierce" tu plak caters to her fans yang prefer die nyanyi lagu2 yang up tempo, gelek sana sini, menari bagai..pendek citer, she's a DIVA! hehe..**btw, lagu Diva pun best ya'alls!**

Back to the song, I really love the song Broken-Hearted Girl in particular sebab it is a really good song! I love the lyrics..the melody just seems to come together with the lyrics..very melodic, very soothing and touching indeed..
so people, go listen to this song..I encourage you so much to do so and you won't regret..hehehe..if you'd say "Dangereously In Love" was a brilliant performance of hers, I'd say "Broken-Hearted Girl" is far better than that..Her vocal has becoming more mature these days..Oh! I love Beyonce despite she's married..ngehehehehe..I love her more that Amir's love towards Kak Carrie..**exeggerate gituh** Amir, jangan sentap! hehehe..

So here's the song..
You're just a click away to listening this beautiful piece of song..**autoplay kot!! hehe**
Go listen now!!!
I say now!

Broken-Hearted Girl - Beyoncé

Btw, here's the lyrics..

Broken-hearted Girl lyrics

You’re everything I thought you never were
And nothing like I thought you could’ve been
But still you live inside of me
So tell me how is that?

You’re the only one I wish I could forget
The only one I’d love to not forgive
And though you break my heart, you’re the only one
And though there are times when I hate you
Cause I can’t erase
The times that you hurt me
And put tears on my face
And even now while I hate you
It pains me to say
I know I’ll be there at the end of the day

I don’t wanna be without you babe
I don’t want a broken heart
Don’t wanna take a breath with out you babe
I don’t wanna play that part
I know that I love you
But let me just say
I don’t want to love you in no kind of way no no
I don’t want a broken heart
And I don’t wanna play the broken-hearted girl…No...No
No broken-hearted girl
I’m no broken-hearted girl

Something that I feel I need to say
But up to now I’ve always been afraid
That you would never come around
And still I want to put this out
You say you’ve got the most respect for me
But sometimes I feel you’re not deserving me
And still you’re in my heart
But you’re the only one and yes
There are times when I hate you
But I don’t complain
Cause I’ve been afraid that you would've walk away
Oh but now I don’t hate you
I’m happy to say
That I will be there at the end of the day

Now I’m at a place I thought I’d never be…Oooo
I’m living in a world that’s all about you and me…yeah
Ain't gotta be afraid my broken heart is free
To spread my wings and fly away
Away With you
yeah yeah yeah, ohh ohh ohh

I don’t wanna be without my baby
I don’t wanna a broken heart
Don’t want to take a breath with out my baby
I don’t wanna play that part
I know that I love you
But let me just say
I don’t want to love you in no kind of way..No..No
I don’t want a broken heart
I don’t wanna play the broken-hearted girl..No..No..
No broken-hearted girl
Broken-hearted girl No…no…
No broken-hearted girl
No broken-hearted girl

lyrics courtesy:

March 19, 2009

I Told You So

semakin hari semakin kuat, cinta cinta cintaku ini..
Y'alls ingat tak that song by Safura kot kalau x silap.
And that is exactly how I fell right now.
I'm sooo in love with Kak Carrie!!
She touched my heart tadik tyme nyanyi "I Told You So" on AI Top 11 result show.
All hail to Kak Carrie!!!!!!

p/s: morrie jangan sentap!

March 18, 2009

Grand Old Opry week

Just finished watching American Idol top 11 just now.
The theme was Grand Old Opry (Country songs) and there were 2 Carrie Underwood's songs being performed. SO SMALL and JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL by Matt and Danny respectively. I love how different the way they sang those songs and they really amazed the judges.
And loving Anoop's and Kris' performances as well.
Unfortunately, country was just not Lil's cup of tea. I think she'd be safe even though she didn't performed really well.
All and all, I'm pretty sure it would be either Michael or Alexis who will leave the show tomorrow.

This is how I would rank their performance:
1) Matt
2) Danny
3) Anoop
4) Kris
5) Scott
6) Lil
7) Megan
8) Allison
9) Adam
10) Alexis
11) Michael

p/s: wish me luck for exam tomorrow!

Some random thoughts


A: You know I like spending time with you. Tapi I nak tau, kite ni KAWAN ke COUPLE?
B: Kene ade label ke? No, I mean we love each other's company kan? Itu yang penting.

**silence and a frustrated smile by A**

A: I guess you're right.

So the question is??

March 15, 2009

AF7 1st concert

Didn't like it, honestly..
But I'm proud of those Sarawakians sebab they all delivered especially Hafiz..Aishah and Claudia were not bad at all..
So far, I still do not have my favorite contestant(s)..
And it's weird sebab takde menuju puncak at the end of the concert..TRANFORMASI katanya..haha..

p/s: class will start in one day! argh!!!

March 14, 2009


holiday means to almost no blogging at all to me..
I dunno why..
i feel less likely to blog when it's school break..

and now i feel irritated by those blogs that are well-updated unlike mine, which the latest entry was written week ago..

well, nothing much is going on this spring break..I wasn't going anywhere..the furthest i'd say was the cinema where I went to watch 'He's just not that into you' all by myself couple of days ago. Why tengok sorang2? oh, because I refused to watch 'Watchmen' with my friends and decided to watch '.....into you' instead. 

yeah, one more thing,  i think i look like a 'kek lapis' now sebab hari2 pun buat kek lapis..**sigh** hence i guess my spring break is no fun at all..**sigh lagi**

and baru je recover from demam..I thank God sebab demam during spring would be a hell of a burden if it is school time..

and oh, it's my dad's 50th birthday today!
OMG! he's 50 already..people do gets old huhh?? hurmm..
Happy Birthday dad!
and am happy to hear him saying "terima kasih" when I made a birthday call just now..
ohhhh~ now I miss home already..

Oh yeah..
American Idol..
watched the top 13 last tuesday..was expecting Jorge to leave but not Jasmine..Yes, there were 2 contestants leaving the show this week, as there is a twist in the rule which i think unnecessary coz it just makes everything more complicated..
I'm pretty sure Anoop will go far in this 4 maybe, as i think Lil Round, Adam and Danny are more deserving to be in the top 3..but, things may change..we'll see..

And I love the new cycle of ANTM..the models look really good, all of them..and I love Aminat and London in particular..
I have added 'Make Me A Supermodel' as my must-watch-TV-shows alongside AI and ANTM and couple of Malay dramas on TV3, and also OIAM3 and AF7 starting tomorrow..
And I think Make Me A Supermodel is better than ANTM..less drama and more runways!

and it's almost 3am now..and i have to go to bed..need to do something important tomorrow morning..

March 5, 2009

Real quick update

Anoop Desai and Jasmine Murray will be back in the wild card show tomorrow night!
I'm sooo thrilled!
And yeah, Lil Rounds made it to the top 12 alongside Jorge and Scott. Congrats!

**gotta get back to study..ciao!**

March 4, 2009

Random sh*t

The Rules are simple. Use Google,etc to search for the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of result and post it as your answer. After that tag 7 people.

The Age of My Next Birthday.
A Place I’d Like to Travel To.

A Favourite Place.

A Favorite Food.

A Nickname I Had.

**can't believe I found this picture**

A Favorite Color.
The City I Live In.

The City I Was Born In.
College Major.
Name of My Love.

Bad Habit **it ain't bad, ain't it?**


p/s: penat jugak buat entry nih..huhu..btw, malas la nak tag, sape2 yang bace nih and berminat nak buat, so buat la ek..xnak la paksa2 orang buat..hehehe..

Ramblings in Sarawak..

lom boleh senyum sampey telinga gik..
i'd been happy for the past few days..hurm..sik, just after 4.40pm marek lekak aku siap polah exam 310..most of my happiness come from kelegaan habis exam 310..and tambah gik malam tadik, finally aku berklaka ngan hanum..nya miak vandy and she was visiting penn state..n guess wat? kmkduak klaka mcm dah kenal 5 taun and berpisah 5 taun..haha..awok ajak miak lain nangga mekduak klaka cam x ingat dunia..haha..

so, hanum, it was really nice to finally meet u! u're fun! haha..should've known u earlier kan?? tok kaWu **note the W** dah mok grad dah..alu x sempat la kita mok bergossip pjg2 gik..ngehehehe..

owh, antara isu yang menjadi bahan bualan mekduak adalah pasal tersasul bahasa swak ngan bahasa KL..and hanum crita la pasal qayyum..miak miri nk study sama ngan nya..tyme ya org dtg bilit qayyum..and tok apa nak d padah nya, "sorry la, bilik aku MENGARAI..tak sempat nak kemas.." tapi miak semenanjung suma cam x paham..hanum sorang jak leput2 tetak tyme ya..Ya Rabbi!! takorg x nangga aku tetak dgr nk di crita hanum tok..aduhh..x pat ku bayangkan qayyum boleh tersasul perkataan MENGARAI..

**qayyum was trying to say that his room is 'bersepah'..but instead of just using the word 'bersepah' he used 'MENGARAI'..the problem is, in Sarawak, it supposedly be 'MENGAREY' instead of 'MENGARAI'. So basically, qayyum 'semenanjungkan' perkataan sarawak which i think was very funny!!**

paham x nih??
**mampos la..haha..**

owh, i think this is my first entry in 'Sarawak'..yalah tek, gik happy sbb dpt melepas geram klaka swak ngan hanum mlm tadik sampey entry tok pun aku mok tulis lam bhs swak..haha..ada aku kesah?? sukati la nak?? this is the language that i'm speaking..sapa2 yang x paham ya, sorry la..buat2 paham k?

tadik aku present..haha..xda la neves glak..OKAYla..sebab dah lepas another beban of the week..nektok tinggal 2 major tasks gik yg aku kenak buat..esok lab 454 mlm tok mmg aku pulun molah..n khamis tok kelak aku ada cgek gk exam b4 aku dpt menghembuskan nafas kelegaan dan bercuti dgn tenang spring break kelak..ari khamis kelak exam 440, marine geology..aku xda la neves glak mok ambik exam tok sebab aku rasa materials nya x sesusah 310..

talking about 310, hurm..actually, xda benda pun mok d padah...haha..

owh, ok la..
aku rasa aku mesti start molah lab report ya..sbb mlm tok American Idol!! yea!!!

March 1, 2009

Tectonics: Closing Remarks

**click for a larger and clearer view**