March 30, 2009

Amy Search vs Dato' Siti Nurhaliza

That is basically what will be happening in the upcoming 4th Akademi Fantasia concert.
There is always a twist =p
The girls will be singing Amy Search's songs and the guys will do Siti's.
Hows that??
I think it will be really interesting..

I'm now paying more attentions to Hafiz, Aishah and Claudia in this cycle of AF cos I think they have what it takes to excel in the competition. PLUS! All of them are Sarawakian. **big grin**
But, I doubt Hafiz's ability to sing ethnic song. He'll be singing 'Cinta Ini', one of the songs in Siti's latest album, Lentera Timur. But, he has been so consistent for the past 3 weeks and being the best performance for 3 weeks in a row. So I hope 'Cinta Ini' won't bring him down.

Claudia's song will be 'Suralaya Dalam D Major' and Aishah will be singing 'Mentari di Ufuk Timur'.
I hope they can pull these songs really well and make them their own.

oh, btw I registered classes for Fall'09 already last night. I'll be taking 16 credits altogether. 3 Geosciences classes (as always). The other two are WMNST 003 (Woman Studies, Humanities and The Arts) which satisfy GHA and US/IL; and SOC 023 (Population and Policy Issues) for my minor.

i think this is it for now!
have a nice week you guys!

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