March 14, 2009


holiday means to almost no blogging at all to me..
I dunno why..
i feel less likely to blog when it's school break..

and now i feel irritated by those blogs that are well-updated unlike mine, which the latest entry was written week ago..

well, nothing much is going on this spring break..I wasn't going anywhere..the furthest i'd say was the cinema where I went to watch 'He's just not that into you' all by myself couple of days ago. Why tengok sorang2? oh, because I refused to watch 'Watchmen' with my friends and decided to watch '.....into you' instead. 

yeah, one more thing,  i think i look like a 'kek lapis' now sebab hari2 pun buat kek lapis..**sigh** hence i guess my spring break is no fun at all..**sigh lagi**

and baru je recover from demam..I thank God sebab demam during spring would be a hell of a burden if it is school time..

and oh, it's my dad's 50th birthday today!
OMG! he's 50 already..people do gets old huhh?? hurmm..
Happy Birthday dad!
and am happy to hear him saying "terima kasih" when I made a birthday call just now..
ohhhh~ now I miss home already..

Oh yeah..
American Idol..
watched the top 13 last tuesday..was expecting Jorge to leave but not Jasmine..Yes, there were 2 contestants leaving the show this week, as there is a twist in the rule which i think unnecessary coz it just makes everything more complicated..
I'm pretty sure Anoop will go far in this 4 maybe, as i think Lil Round, Adam and Danny are more deserving to be in the top 3..but, things may change..we'll see..

And I love the new cycle of ANTM..the models look really good, all of them..and I love Aminat and London in particular..
I have added 'Make Me A Supermodel' as my must-watch-TV-shows alongside AI and ANTM and couple of Malay dramas on TV3, and also OIAM3 and AF7 starting tomorrow..
And I think Make Me A Supermodel is better than ANTM..less drama and more runways!

and it's almost 3am now..and i have to go to bed..need to do something important tomorrow morning..


Amir Hazwan said...

jasmine kenot sing for fucks sake! and im doubting anoop now. people are predicting hes next to go on fun office poolon mjsbigblog. idk. rasanya dia ramai fans kot..

Anonymous said...

haleem nak kek lapis!

Abdul Haleem Arbi said...

anoop still tak come out dgn the right song lagi..sume lagu yg die bawak sume x kene..he needs to step up gituh..

Amir Hazwan said...

mungkinkah dia akan step minggu depan - top 11 - tatkala kak Carrie step up dgn Alone nya? camtuh nak jugak selit!