March 18, 2009

Grand Old Opry week

Just finished watching American Idol top 11 just now.
The theme was Grand Old Opry (Country songs) and there were 2 Carrie Underwood's songs being performed. SO SMALL and JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL by Matt and Danny respectively. I love how different the way they sang those songs and they really amazed the judges.
And loving Anoop's and Kris' performances as well.
Unfortunately, country was just not Lil's cup of tea. I think she'd be safe even though she didn't performed really well.
All and all, I'm pretty sure it would be either Michael or Alexis who will leave the show tomorrow.

This is how I would rank their performance:
1) Matt
2) Danny
3) Anoop
4) Kris
5) Scott
6) Lil
7) Megan
8) Allison
9) Adam
10) Alexis
11) Michael

p/s: wish me luck for exam tomorrow!


Amir Hazwan said...

Danny can suck my di*k. What a DISGRACE to Carrie's song. tudiaaaaaaaaah sujuddzzzzzz semuaa!

Loved loved loved Anoop's & Kris' performance. Not a fan of Anoop anymore tho.

All the best exam y'allz!!

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