September 29, 2008

I did it!

**clap clap**

I finally baked my very first 'kek lapis' (1st in the history of my life) last night. It is called 'kek lapis citrawarna'. It's a mixture of 4 different tastes: coffee, strawberry, lemon and pandan.
Well, I started baking at 12am and the cake was completely baked at about 3am. And I was excited!! Here's how it looks like:
And, 9 hours later, at about 2.30pm, I baked my second cake called 'Kek Lapis Coklat'. Now with the help of a friend of mine, Zharif yang excited gler nak join me baking kek lapis. So, kteorg pun buatla and it was done at about 5.45pm and Zharif left without even had a chance to see how the cake really looks like. This particular kek lapis isn't as 'meriah' as the 1st one sebab ada 2 colors je, brown and yellow; with 2 tastes: chocolate and orange. And I love this cake more sebab die lagi moist and sedaappp!!!!!! waaaaa!!!

Gambar:Fawwaz tasted both cakes and he too, agrees that the 2nd cake is far more tastier than the 1st one. Hence die cakap, "Haleem, jangan bagi banyak2 kat orang kek ni. Simpan je untuk kite makan." hahaha..jangan risau, kek ini akan dipersembahkan kpd those yg berkunjung to my apartment this coming Aidilfitri. hehehe...

Me in action:

Kesimpulannya, in less than 20hours, I baked 2 kek lapis..huhuhu..impressive isn't it?? LOL

*p/s: Thanx to Beana for the mixer and Apai for the scale. Thanx!!!!


daju said...

sgt impressive knowing that nk bake kek lapis kna la sabar..and the second one..gile fine dia punye layers...wahh..tererrnyee..

abdul haleem arbi said...


Anonymous said...

haleem nak kek lapis ni jugak!!! aku pasti akan beraya rumah kau.

Nur Sabrina Wahid said...


and thanks for the cake, yummy!

baizura_bye said...

ehem. ehem.


omg omg omg! waaaaaa kek lapis! *mimpi jak asa* woho congrats2~ hebat sunggoh kitak tok! bolehlah berguru ngan ktk next yeah oh.
bla boleh g rumah ktk bah? mahu mencerik juga. ;P

baizura_bye said...

p/s: siyes the 2nd cake kedak kek jual rah kedei jak a.k.a taka bakery, mun rah miri ada lah. hihi. impressive!!!