September 8, 2008

omg! so-stuffed-and-not-so-cool-weekend!

Heay guys!
Update time!
It's a heck of a weekend!
Stayed up late for "beramas-mesramas-mesra-alam" dgn few freshmen yg came to my apartment. Did so many annoyingly tricky games like black magic, mind reading, fazzy wazzy (whatever the spelling is). It felt awesome time kenakan budak2 ni yang kept on giving damn!-i'm-dumb-and-stupid-blur kind of face, especially Bulan! (yes! tu nama orang, nama sebenar Nublan). We had a good laugh, and it was sahur time already! Azreen (egy's twin perhaps?) cooked us fried rice for sahur at like quarter to 5am. I only slept after subuh. *sigh*

Woke up the next day at 1.30pm. Did some chores (the kitchen needs a lot of works!), laundry and it was already 5.30pm. Time to get ready for the iftar with MSD. Btw, PSU won the game against Oregon St! The majlis started at like 7pm and ended at 11pm. Good food! Love the socializing part of the event. Got to know more and more freshies! Sambung main mind reading with more people sampaikan Sab and Azreen got really really annoyed! hahahahahahaha..

Went back, and played more games on the way home. It took us an unusual 30 minutes walk to reach college park! Socialize time some more at College Park. Played more games + mafia!! A big win to Uun! Menyampah sgt sbb no one perasan yg actually she was the BIG MAFIA of the night! ceh!!!!!

Went back to my apartment only at 3.30am. Cooked rice and I had my sahur at 4am (lauk dari iftar). Slept at 4.22am. Woke up at 6.15am for Subuh. Still thinking 'nak keje ke x nih'. Opportunity cost played in my mind, and there you go. I got back to sleep despite the feeling of aku-kene-pegi-keje! yeay! It would be a warning definitely!

Woke up at 9.45am. Had a shower. Habis mandi je, Mr Aznan n Boon came! It was definitely a shock sebab sume org still sleeping all over the house! Malunya! Proceed to scholar's meeting for 2 and a half hours. Some important things addressed including the possibility of allowance raise. *it is just a possibility* *sigh*

And now, I'm typing this entry! Curik sikit masa even though assignments bertimbun-timbun! argh!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

owh,,da semakin skrg korg meramas-mesra-alam konon...suke la tu ramai2 freshmen dtg,,semoge jumpe jodoh,,amin,,,

myfikrah said...

"..the possibility of allowance raise.."

hehe. kalau jadi (insyaAllah), maksudnya utk scholar petronas seantero dunia ka?

p/s:selamat posa..


Anonymous said...

haleem, azreen is not my twin ok! and yeah mmg geram kat nysa pasal game mafia tu. next time kene kalahkan die.

abdul haleem arbi said...

egy, mmg same la muke! aku semangat nak kalahkan nysa next tyme!

Uun said...

oite...ap ni
hee...its just a game..heh..
big win though..
nvr meant to win just
nice game guys..
lets play more mafia later..hee..:)