July 24, 2010

3 months later

yes guys..
it has been 3 months since I last updated my blog.
life has been busy since then, lots of stuff happened since April
  • Of course finals week. I couldn't remember how many finals did i sit for, but what the heck. I did well overall for that semester, got to improve my GPA, and I was happy!
  • Shell Camp. We flew to Robert, Louisiana for a 5 days Drilling and Production Camp. It was a totally different experience. The setting of the facility is very similar to the offshore platform. Oh, I got flipped upside down in a helicopter, into a freaking 12 feet pool! Nerve-wrecking it was, but it was fun after all! Got to know lots of people too! BP officers were around too, working on the oil spill in the Gulf.
  • Field Camp!! Tell you what, this was my best experience as a Geoscience student so far! I fell in love with the nature and the outdoor stuffs. I personally loved the Grand Teton and camping in the Wildhorse despite the fact that I didn't shower for 4 days! And I got to know every single Geosc student whom I never got to talk to before. I love them all!!
  • After the 6 weeks field camp, here I am stranded in State College. I really have nothing to do until mid August I must say. Well actually I have to do the readings for my research. I haven't emailed my advisor yet about this matter.
My mission for this summer is to get a driver's license. Lot of things to learn tho, and hopefully everything's gonna be fine.

Gonna hit the pool soon!
Have a great summer ya'alls!

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