October 29, 2008

More Raya pictures and what?? Snow??

Heay there my precious readers,

Yes! It is currently snowing here in Penn State. Although it's just a snow shower but still..what the heck?? It is not even December and it's snowing!! But I do love snow tho..white and white and white..**suci katanya** (the snow shower)

oh yes!
yesterday I had an exam- Geochem 2nd midterm. And it was a total OMG!!!! Not that it was so hard.. Just that never would have I expected to see such questions, especially question #1. Mak ai!! susah betul! Hurm..am crossing finger for the result tomorrow..

and now, after being delayed for more than one week, I will present to you some of the greatest moments (my personal favorite) photographed in D.C. during the Eid Mubarak celebration at the Malaysian Embassy..
Let the pictures speak!

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LZ said...

Snowing? It was snowing in London too! Crazy weather..-_-lll it's just the beginning of autumn!