November 2, 2008

wish me luck!

quick notes:
  • Tuesday (11/4): Hydrogeology 2nd midterm + INART 115 test #6 on Country Music
  • Thursday (11/6): INART 005 test # 3 on Modern Dance
  • Saturday (11/7): INART 005 test # on Circus
Midterm comes again! And I know everyone must be busy preparing for their upcoming exam, and so do I. So my precious readers, pray for my success will ya!!!


LZ said...

all the best!! ;)

Amir Gurra said...

my sis said "luck" is wrong in Islam. So I pray for ur success instead. gitue..
test on country music??? kak Carrie harus bangga!

abdul haleem arbi said...

xde kene mengene ng kak carrie pasal sejarah country music katanya..pelopor genre nih suatu masa dulu..gtew..haha..

**changed it to 'pray for my success"..thanx!**

daju said...

good luck haleem..
weeks before thanxgiving mmg busy..
cant wait nk cutii...

Amir Gurra said...

how can u say xde kene mengena ng kak carrie? she sings country for gurra's sake! *ttbe. still berkait la jugekk then hahaa :P