November 10, 2008

squash freak?? you decide..

heay there my precious readers,

last week was a really busy week for me (academically, yes!)..dont wanna talk about it here..let bygone be bygone gituh..hehe..

i'm sooo relief because after one bloody month of messiness and untidiness, my apartment finally looks like a 'place to actually live in'. On Saturday morning (morning ke??), right after I jumped off my bed, I straight away cleaned the toilet..jadik makcik cuci tandas jap..omg! it was a heck of hardwork i tell you..banyak sgt tuuuuuuuut!!! hehehehehe....**jgn fikir yg bukan-bukan** and one of my roomates cleaned the kitchen and the other one took a gentle care on vacuum cleaning the entire house..and the result was breathtaking!! **gituh exeggerate**

inilah hasil tandas yg telah digilap itu..

took a shower and had my late roomate prepared a fried rice earlier..thanks!

in the middle of my meal, Bard called saying they actually waited at the Graduate parking lot already..gosh! i forgot about our plan to go to Dicks Sporting Good to purchase something..

In less than 10minutes, we arrived at Dicks..Without wasting much time, kteorg terus meluru ke racquet department..there you go, there were a lot of squash racquet to choose from, variety of brands hence the price..after making some random and rational calculations in my head, I picked this Head Squash racquet which cost me GOOD amount of money..**half of my salary..sigh**

why did I buy the squash racquet?? the reason is so simple: I am sooo in love with this sport do anything for love, don't you?? **panahan cinta katanya**

so, balik dari Dicks, lepak rumah Syahir jap to watch PSU-IOWA game which turned down the entire Happy Valley..An upset which was so unbelievable!! Daryll Clark is kissing good bye to the national championship! **dont wanna talk about depressing!!**

the best part..
at 8.30pm, I went to the Rec Hall to play squash with Bard, Syahir and Fawwaz.. nak test power racquet baru nih! and i looove my racquet!! best sgt..the feel of playing with your own racquet was just undescribeable..hahaha...after 2 and a half hours of non-stop games, we all pun balik la..bangun je pagi tadi, ya ampun!! penat satu badan..hahaha..

oh, sebelum terlupa, this is my brand new squash racquet =)

**p/s: berazam nak main squash at least 3 kali, am i a squash freak?? let u decide..hehe..

excited for the upcoming thanksgiving break..seattle, here i come!!!



Anonymous said...

haleem i went to your house semalam but you're not there..yes your house bersih gile masa aku dtg...i guess i come at the right time la kan...hehehe

abdul haleem arbi said...

haha..bile ko dtg wey?? x taw pon??

daju said...

ce..dh ade racquet..
half of you salary?? hmm..
mahal gilerr...
trpkse main tiap2 minggu cmni..haha

Amir Gurra said...

fuck u! camtuh emosi tgk orang laen ade raket sndrik.

abdul haleem arbi said...

hhohooho...that's harsh!!

redhuans said...

wowowowow..yeayyy haleem got a squashh racquet...chanteque...i got 1 too...jom maenn haleem..halemm mesti ko skang bus bus kan sbb men squashh..eeeiiiii...halemm bus bus...sekalian alam..haleem bus bus..hahaha..jahat giler..btw..keep up the spirit..maner tau kot2 nnti haleem jadik nicole dvid ke-2..haleem david giteuwsss..awwww...melathoppssss..hahaha..

abdul haleem arbi said...

heay!! xde maknenye aku bus bus!! entah2 ko! sebab ko berpengalaman dari aku kan, so ko tau la stiap kali ko men squash ko bus bus..hahaha..

nnti aku dtg ireland **dtg ke????** kite beradu tenaga BOLEYY?????

nysa said...

see...da lpe ak..bli raket x ajk ak...!!!..