October 6, 2008

I had a blast!

i had a blast!
i enjoyed all the food!
i love raya open houses!
i love raya this year!
the food + the gossips + the pictures = AWESOME!
i'm lovin it and wanting for more!!!

more pictures at:
my raya album 1
my raya album 2

and for more 'raya at pennstate' coverage, please visit this blog:


nysa said...

eid mubarak!..
mari raye lagi next week..kter serbu east side plak!

abdul haleem arbi said...

yea yea!!
harus harus kite serang depa!
n take more n more pictures!!

daju said...

more pics..
fb tuh penuh penn staters je kot..
knala pakai new baju..ehehhe..

Egy Azziera H. said...
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Egy Azziera H. said...

hahaha haleem ko dh mcm promote blog aku. hahaha. thanks anyway! yeaaaa sgt fun raya kali ni.

miera said...

seronok raya