April 24, 2009

the newborn! (100th post!)

yeah finally!!
this is my 100th post and coincidently marks the birth of my new baby!!


i was so thrilled yesterday morning when the FedEx driver knocked my apartment door and presenting my long awaited-new-navy blue-dell laptop. and actually, that was his 3rd attempt delivering my package sebab when he first came, no one was in the house..i was actually out to the field trip..the 2nd attemp was last tuesday tapi sume org masih tido so x sedar..

the driver came about 8.45am wednesday morning and aku lantas x pegi kelas lepas tuh, sebab sexcited sgt nak bukak and setup and evrything..

btw, it's an inspiron 1320, a 13inch laptop..by miles smaller and lighter than my old laptop..
oh ya, what do i do with my old-gigantic-mr toshiba? 
hurm..i'll bring it back to malaysia this july and maybe give it to my brother..

so there you go, laptop dah dpt, so next up, FINALS!!!


Zamri said...

DELL yeeee :)

Abdul Haleem Arbi said...

yes zamri yes..

daju said...

hoho new laptop apsal xbeli mac je..

Abdul Haleem Arbi said...

x cukup kaya la daju..
some other time maybe..