August 31, 2008

I'm Proud

Dear readers,

Malaysia is celebrating its glorious 51st Independence Day today (it's 12.50am, August 31st in Malaysia right now) and yeah, I'm so very proud.
I can held my head up high, saying that I love my country so very much. One thing that makes this MERDEKA celebration is meaningful to me is that Tunku Abdul Rahman was able to free Malaysia from the British by mere negotiation. A huge history isn't it?

And these are the histories of my own:

I still remember helping my dad putting up flags around our house.
I still remember watching my parents marching gracefully during the 43rd Merdeka celebration in Miri.
I still remember me participating in the 'pertandingan mewarnakan bendera Malaysia' at my primary school.
I still remember me participating in the 'pertandingan melaungkan merdeka' at my secondary school.
I still remember me performing patriotic songs at school.
I still remember the tears rolling down my eyes when I was watching a video on how Malaysia gained independence (it was during BTN).
I still remember everything I did for my beloved MALAYSIA.

And yeah, I'm PROUD

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