August 7, 2008

It's happening again~

Yes, it happens again! My penyakit malas to update my blog. I do not have the answer to this. It is just the feeling; it is just different when I am back home here. I feel there is no need to do this blogging thing as I can easily reach my significant people (family, friends, etc..) through sms.

And now, there is only 2 weeks left for me to breath the Miri air. And I hope I can be a bit rajin to blog when I get back to The State.
The only update I made on my blog is on the layout as I found the one that I used to use, outdated. The content?? Never bothered to change. *sigh*
Anyway, deep down, I still feel oblige to update my recent activities (shall I say it summer activities?) here in Malaysia. There were 2 main things that I want to share: Niah Cave and Pangkor Island trips.

Ok, quoting Mr. Manager, let the pictures do the story-telling.

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