August 11, 2008

Najib & Naili....Tahniah~

This very entry is specially dedicated to a good friend of mine, Mohd Najib bin Jaffar who wed Nurul Naili Akmal binti Jaafar, recently. The solemnization was held at Naili's place in Ampang, on the August 10th, 2008. What I heard from Syahirah, the akad when smoothly with only one lafaz. Thanks to Nazmie for uploading the pictures from the ceremony, and I'd say, they look really good and am glad and happy for them. May Allah bless both of you. Congratulations!

Thanks to Nazmie for this wonderful piece of photo. For more pictures, kindly visit his blog, lensa hati.


yathxcy said...

haleem omg is that najib from sains kch? for real? man. now thats what i call DECISION!

Kas said...

my jaw DROP! tatiq, that is so TRUE!