June 11, 2009

I'm begging for help

I just found out that the online course that i'm taking right now, MUSIC 009 runs all summer long. I thought it was only for the fisrt summer session. So, here i am, totally STUCKED! I'll be away for at least 2 weeks in July and that would cost me 2 weeks worth of quizzes points and a peer review assignment. *sigh*

The thought of dropping this class is a NO NO! coz i'm already tired of looking for courses that satisfy US/IL, and most importantly, courses that is not so hard to get an A. Plus, if I were to drop it, that would mean that I'm stranded here in State College now, wasting my precious summer holiday just to take the f**kin 1.5 credits tennis class. 


So, I will have to find the way out of this problem. But how?? I cant think of any possible solution right now but someone proposes me to ask for someone's kindness to help me for that 2 weeks. Meaning, someone who can read the respective chapters for the respective quizzes and pf course answer them for me and also doing the peer review. But the big question is: who will help me??? 

So to anyone out there who is so kind to help this poor little guy, please let me know ok?? I really need the help when the time comes. And in return, I'll try my best to treat you at Berkey Creamery for 3 times, which equivalent to the number of tasks that you will need to help me out. Just let me know, if any of you readers out there (Penn Staters please...) would like to give me your generous and helping hand.




daju said...

ijat, faiez, and ajmal pnah amek the course..perhaps u wanna ask them their notes ke or quizzes yg diorg print for exam ke..

pg mane 2 weeks tu nanti?

Abdul Haleem Arbi said...

oh..program petronas + wedding wanie..

wanie said...

hire someone haleem. amacam? ;p

Abdul Haleem Arbi said...

i should kan wanie?? haha..
$7.75 per hour..bolehhh??

farhah wan adeli said...

wut... ade gak class full summer. oh man.

ApRiLuvsBLaCKcoFFee.....* said...

i dropped THAT class the first week of class lol. macam byk sgt je keje die. plus, internet kat msia ni paham2 la kan :P

anyways, how is it so far?