June 2, 2009

summer boredom!

now im brutally bored with my summer life here.
should have gone back home last week, but what to do? all the tickets were sold out.

my summer routine:
-go to bed at 2am
-wake up at 1pm (thats funckin 11 hours of sleep! sometime, it was more than 12 hours!)
-tennis at 4pm (the best part of the day)
-music009 after tennis

and that's it!

and i only be working on Friday and Saturday this week.
basically, the weekdays are suck! haha..

so, the weekend is when the fun begins.
On friday, we catched a movie and i watched 'Ghost of the Girlfriend's Past'. All i can say, it was worth my $7.25! haha..

last saturday, we had this huge potluck gathering at my place. A lot of Malaysian delicacies and they were all mouth-watering at first sight! haha..
my personal favorite pick would be the rendang, pau ayam, popia, kek batik, bihun and definitely the kuih jala. Thanks everybody!
and later after the makan-makan, we watched couple of movies: Wrong Turn and Love Actually. I recommend them both! Must watch! WARNING: you shouldn't eat anything while watching Wrong Turn, unless u gonna chock or unintentionally vommit! trust me! haha..

and on sunday, went to play tennis coz it was really beautiful out. hung out at the creamery. bought myself a cookie and cream ice cream. that was my 1st time buying ice cream for myself there at the creamery. only after my 2nd year here, pathetic isnt it?? haha..all this while, i just tasted what everyone was having, without the need to buy for myself..LOL

oh yeah, spent almost an hour reading others' blogs, and i wonder, how the hell they are so RAJIN to update their blog! they are so much committed with blog-updating and this intimidates me, hence this entry. haha..

i personally love NONO's blog. Is it because she being my best friend, or is it her humble-and-honest-writing that makes me craving for more from her?
So, Miah, jangan kembang gilak idong u ya! haha..keep writing girl!
People, presenting to u Nono's blog: and so she writes

I think that is it for now. gotta run to the kitchen and look something to eat. breakfast perhaps? haha..its already 1.50pm. LOL

p/s: selamat hari gawai to all my friends, teachers and those who celebrate it. GAYU GURU GERAI NYAMAI!


NAJIB said...

Masih adakah subuh di musim panas? hehe

nono said...

no wonder profile views aku melonjak naik.haha

wanwanawn said...

haleem?? what happened? asal drop eng202c???

Abdul Haleem Arbi said...

wan: simple reason: MALAS