June 5, 2009

Annoyed. That's how i feel. period

have u ever felt annoyed before?
of course yes right??
that is how i feel right now.

im annoyed with this guy whom i know for some times.
talking to somebody else about him already makes the annoyed feeling comes through me.
not that he did anything wrong to me but, hey, everything that he said and acted irritates me to death.
it's like he knew and did every single thing known to mankind!
isnt that annoying? to me, yes! big time!

and now i feel very very distance to him.
so distance that the bond that once very strong now getting weaker.

at times, i wish we could be like before.
chilling and have fun.
but time has changed everything.
now that we are all different, we are more matured and getting older, I feel utterly different about him.

to Mr X,
i apologize if u ever read my blog and that u can sense that im talking about u.
i really hope we can build the bond and connection that we used to have.
i miss the old u i must say.
and i wish u best of luck for your future.


nono said...

my oh my.
i'm here anyway.forget mr X.
hehe. but yeah, miss that old time.

Abdul Haleem Arbi said...

wrote this straight away after we chatted..hurmm..perhaps while we chatted actually..

nono said...

haha.patut muka siriyes jak di webcam!

wanwanwan said...

hurmmm,,,aku pon ade nak gosip hahaha