June 18, 2009


How on Earth could I have missed Armageddon ever since it was out in 1998????
I only got to watch this awesome movie yesterday, for the first time EVER!!
Yes, only after it reaches his teenage years!! LOL
And this is definitely my favorite-and-the-best-movie of all time, to date. PERIOD.

Perhaps it really motivates me to be a great Geologist one day and I mean this! Geologist can make a good astronaut for sure. hahahaha.. I love the part where Rockhound (the geologist) said,

"God, I hate knowing everything!"

And now I'm working my ass off to be a geologist that knows everything!!

-peace out!


daju said...

sweet and sedih la jgak cite tuh..

redhuans said...

haleeemmm...if ever a meteor would crash the earth, wud u the geologist-astronaut sacrifice urself to blow up the meteor like armegeddon???wahahaha...meletoopppppsssss..kebaboooom

Abdul Haleem Arbi said...

daju: sedih sgt kot daju..nangis gler la tengok..hahaha..

shedot: 5 hari 5 malam istikharah shedot..