June 19, 2009


x suke la mimpi malam tadi..
it brought me back my past memories that I thought had been permanently erased from my mind..

sometimes, a dream could make you sigh or berfikir panjang once u bukak ur mata..then boleh termenung panjang plak lepas tuh and then you would question urself (sambil menampar-nampar pipi sendiri),
"ape jadah yang aku mimpi nih???"
"betulke ni mimpi?? ke...realiti??"

what it could be telling me?
I hope it's just a dream..just a dream..no more than that..I dont wanna make my simple life now, complicated..
But, deep down I felt like wanting the dream to come true, but that would take a miracle to make it happen. WHY? Hanya DIA yang tahu..

p/s: happy 20th birthday Shamilah!!!

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