May 27, 2009

So many things that could make you sigh

so many things happened in the past few weeks:
-I got a terrible GPA
-My application of living alone with a rent rate at $670/month was rejected by Petronas
-My auntie passed away due to heart complication
-Started the summer session classes. Changed classes here and there. Did a late drop for the 1st time (Eng 202C).
-Switched my minor from Sociology to Mathematics
-Daju, Kavind and Ajmal graduated. so long, farewell.
-The Midwest Games has been canceled due to the worsening swine flu condition
-Left alone at home while my other roommates went hiking to Smoky Mountain and received a bad news from them saying one of our friends, was drowned to death.
-And it was raining all day today


p/s: Al-Fatihah to my dearest auntie and friend. May them rest in peace.

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Anonymous said...

so sorry about the lost. =(
and am happy that u changed ur minor to something u like.kudos