September 27, 2009


my days since the 1st day of Syawal have been very hectic. pagi raya last week mmg busy giler..mlm raya, i was spending my time in the kitchen preparing laksa sarawak until 2.30 in the morning, but the dishes were still undone. *sigh*

I woke up late pagi raya tuh, like 9am, so x sempat sembahyang raya pun..sampai2 je kt HUB lawn, org dah bersalam-salaman. So what I did was, snaping pictures!! =)right after sembahyang raya ada potluck raya kt college park, which this was the reason why I prepared laksa. but, dtg college park, dgn laksa yg x siapnye, so kelam kabut la sambung masak kt dapur rumah si nadia tuh..hahahaha..anyway, sambutan kt college park mmg meriah ya amats!! bising gler wey! hahahaha..dari college park ke rumah bashe, then rumah kak ifah and finally rumah kak lia..and it was like 8 at night when I reached home. EXHAUSTED!
**at the HUB lawn**

**College Park open house**

**with yasmin**

**at Bashe's**

**at Kak Ifah's**

and the class ran as usual. oh yeah, I went to The Fray concert on Monday night. It was pretty awesome. I bought their CD. And trust me, they have really good musics.

**the fray**

and aku kembali bermain squash after almost one year tak main. felt so good!!! and went swimming too. so at the end of the week, satu badan sakit okayyy! tapi xpe..janji fit! hahahahaha..
**me in action =)**

and then there came saturday. i worked at 8am as usual. balik kerja terus shower and siap2 utk beraya..UMNO at PSU ada buat open house kat UT..sgt best! i wore my 2nd baju raya...took lots and lots of pics..and food was fantastic! went home terus tido, sbb penat giler..sbb the previous night, main squash sampai 12am, n then went to bed at 2am..pastuh, bangun awal plak nak keje kan? so yesterday mmg a heck of a day for me.. but i enjoyed every second of it. =D
**UMNO open house**

biggest upset in college football last night. IOWA upset PSU. so be it.

and today, ade plak field trip. thank God, they put me in the noon slot. So didnt have to worry about getting up early.

this week is gonna be very busy for me.
I have assignments and labs due almost everyday. 1 lab on wednesday, 2 labs due on Friday. and exam on tuesday! ohhhhh..tak start study pun lagi..matilah!!

ok then.
gtg to the field trip.
gonna be sucks coz it's raining now.

p/s: pictures are up soon!

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