September 14, 2009


just realized i haven't marked my planner the dates on which I have my midterms, quizzes, finals etc etc..hahaha..
am i putting myself behind in planning??
omg! what am i turning myself into??
they say, fail to plan is planning to fail..
hurm..ok, pantas la mark the date sekarang!!

it is one week until 1 Syawal but yet, I feel nothing about it except just some random chat about how we celebrated raya back home during Iftar at the masjid just now.
yeah, frankly, i miss decorating my house..hanging all the kad raya even though nowadays, we less likely give kad raya to others..blame the technology? hurmm..
and i miss the chaos in my nenek's house, how everyone else in the house cannot disturb my nenek's lemang..she's the only one who knows from A to Z in regards to that..
what else?
of course I miss salam salam with my see mum's tears whenever she salam my brother's tears whenever he salam my mum..but i pelik..i never had tears time salam2 nih..i dont know the reason why, but maybe i just
have this cold kinda heart. yeah, if u ask me, my brutal 2nd brother is much more sensitive than me..percayalah..
i miss ziarah2 too..1st day is to ziarah family, 2nd day for mum and dad'd friends, and i can only 'ngabang' with my friends as we sarawakian calls it, on the 3rd day of raya.
now i miss raya..

here, we celebrate raya but obviously not as meriah as back home la, kat tempat org kan? hurmm..
hopefully 1 Syawal falls on the Sept20. it's sunday, so hopefully we can make a trip to Washington DC to celebrate raya with all the officers..baru ada feeling2 balik kampung sikit..hehehehe..

*p/s: mak, mintak kad raya!!!

nyum nyum!

ok then, need to catch up with my sleep!!
see u guys later!