September 15, 2009


**yes aku mencarut so what??**

raya minggu nih, 30 org je boleh pegi DC..
out of the 30, 12 seats are allocated for seniors..
so we're left with 18 seats..
and priority is granted to those who can drive and who has never experienced raya kat embassy (wtf!)

and aku x bley drive and aku dah dua taun berturut turut sambut raya kat embassy..

wtf wey!!
mmg x adil..
plus, they give ways to those yg nak tengok football match this saturday!
meaning, will be leaving state college at 4pm on saturday..which is sooo fuckin late okayy!!
as if they are making way to those yang boleh drive, yang tak pernah pegi raya kt DC and yg ada tiket football to enjoy the game dulu..**urghhhh!!!**

aku sangat emo!!
peduli korang nak cakap ape, but aku mmg emo skg nih!
babi ah!

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