October 11, 2009



The purpose of this e-mail is to inform that we have selected you to be the next Student Scheduler here at South Food District. These interviews were extremely competitive and when all was said and done, we felt you were a perfect fit for this position There is not a set date on when training will be begin but we would like you to attend our next Student Trainer meeting on October 18th at 9:45 in the Heritage room to introduce you to the rest of our staff.

Congratulations you should be very proud of yourself and we can't wait to have you on-board as part of our management staff.

David J Fenstermacher Jr
Student Manager, South Food District
HRIM Undergraduate Student
The School of Hospitality Management
The Pennsylvania State University


Baizura said...


nono said...

yem, x paham..haha, bimbo gila.i mean aku x paham what position yg ko dapat tok?anyway, congrats dear!

Amir Hazwan said...

aah mek jua sik paham tok..? tapi congrats laah uol!

hani said...

get promoted ek??

YaYa said...

heheh..wanie ade bgtau psl nih..congratz haleem. btw, aku pon tk bape knal minah natasha tuh..yg aku tau indon singer jek..mcm femes la die thn 2004 tuh..dah taqif tuh dr singapore tk silap aku..

redhuans said...

hahaha..aku pun xpaham...adakah ko skang bekerja naik pangkat sebagai mak cik DS?hahaha