January 10, 2009

2009-first entry

heay guys,

It has been a while since the last time I updated this blog. And yeah! happy new year to all of you! Hope 2009 will bring so much happiness and success in our life..*amiin*

I have been on a road trip for the last couple of weeks. Been to Muktamar at Houston, Texas. Hence, we were driving all the way from State College to Houston and it took us no more than 2 days. Though I was not one of the responsible drivers, the trip was pretty tiring tho. We spent a night at Vandy Uni, and then sambung the journey. Ade la stop here and there. Had a breakfast somewhere in Albama I guess and dinner at New Orleans.

Talking about Muktamar, it was my first experience joining this kinda Islamic Conference thing, so, I had no high expectation or whatsoever. But, I was really surprised by the overwhelming response to this program, judging merely by the number of participants. The majority was Indonesian, and they were very friendly. I got to improved my Indon accent whenever I had a chat with those Indonesians whom I met. Overall, I would say, it was a good experience, got to learn some Islamic stuff and politics as well. **no comment bout that**

And yeah, one thing about Houston that really caught my attention was that it is such a BIG city and the highways and flyovers are everywhere. Bertingkat-tingkat siap! huhu..and we could easily find Halal restaurants. There are lots of them! really!

Right after Muktamar, we had this post Muktamar thingy. Played laser tag. Visiting some Islamic Centers where we encountered a Shiah Islamic School. Spent a night at a mosque and the next day, we headed to NASA Space Center.

My new year eve?? hurm..we were in the van when it was 12am, January 1st. So, basically, nothing much I can tell about my new year. But we spent our new year day shopping!! Omg, I have never thought that I would do shopping during this trip, but it was Amar who convinced us to go shopping. And I got to buy some stuff for myself. And we visited some very interesting places in San Antonio.

We left Texas and headed to Atlanta and spent 2 days touring that Olympic city. I went to the largest aquarium in the world, Georgia Aquarium; and also to the 'Inside CNN Tour' which I think was so cool!

Finally, we headed back to State College and arrived on the January 6th at about 1pm or so. Alhamdulillah, that all of us came back in one peace.

There's a lot of pictures which I dont think I will put everything here. Well, here are some of them.

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redhuans said...

haleeemmmm..ko pi muktamar pas ka???ker muktamar aper??hahaha...