January 13, 2009

Screwed up!

heay guys!

yeah, it's the first day of class. Am excited even though I had to wake up early for a 9.05am class. It went well. Went to the library right after, before my SOC class which started at 11.15am, where I discovered that my PSU account has been locked for some serious security reasons. Bedebar jugak sebab had no idea the reason why they blocked my account. Ye la, I couldn't log into any of the ITS computer and most importantly my WEBMAIL!

As been told by the ITS staff, I made a phone call to the security office (sounds scary..grrrr..) and told the officer what went wrong. And to my surprise she told me that someone in Nigeria (WTH!) has inquired my password in which I gave it to them without realizing that I have been hacked! OMG! I thougt they are the PSU webmail desk who just wanted to update the students' information or some sort. Now I realize the 'lurus bendul' side of me! **dush dush!!**

So, a lesson learned today. Not to give your password to any party very easily without investigating who they actually are. They might come out to be those effin' hackers out there. You guys better be careful!

p/s: makin pening sebab banyak sgt password yang nak kene ingat..**sigh**


TheZealousZamriHussin said...

alamak! scary Haleem kasik password kat org Nigeria. negara2 belah situ mmg suka kan penuhi folder SPAM dlm mail nak kasik duit la, waris harta laaa.. syukur nothing bad happens

abdul haleem arbi said...

ya i know..nasib baik security penn state cepat bertindak..kalau tak mane nak larikk??? aiyoh!