January 21, 2009

Potluck, squash and WMNST 003

Heay guys!
Been keeping up with the never ending cold outside even though I think it is not as bad as last week's.

Fact: Today marks the greatest history of the year where Barack Obama is inaugurated the 44th President of United States of America. But I missed the live telecast sebab ade kelas.*sigh*

Hari ni, cam ttbe je ade potluck kat Wan's apartment. Aku yg dok tido since I got back from class, mcm x percaye yg rumah kteorg wat potluck ngan rumah wan. Aku bangun2 je wan call suruh aku beli some drinks for the potluck and oh yeah! we had a great time and great food of course!! plenty of food! fawwaz prepared this wonderful grilled chicken, the girls buat masak lemak, ayam masak merah, sayur campur and they even baked a cake y'alls!!! sedap gampang! Sambil2 makan, kteorg layanla American Idol Audition on FOX. huhuhu..we had such a blast! Thanx guys!

So, yes. Setelah sekian lama meninggalkan gelanggang squash, I hit the court again! and this time, we went to the rec hall with car sebab need to fetch izwan and ijat. I had the chance to only play with fawwaz and budin. Considering yang aku nih, dah lame tak main, I'd say I did good tho :p

Balik from squash, satu badan penat.

Add drop period ended 12am just now. Considering the fact that I only take 13 credits now, I think I should add at least one course. Bolehla backup my 3 Geoscience courses yang susah tak hengat tuh..huhu..So, I finally decided to add Woman Studies, Humanities and Art (WMNST 003) into my course schedule. And I can fulfill my GH and US/IL requirement. It's a web class anyway. So now, I have 16 credits all together.

Okla, got a summary nak buat. Due Thursday, tapi article pun tak bace lagi. haisshhh~


p/s: It take me like forever to finish up "NEW MOON". **triple sighs**

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