December 15, 2008

nerve-wracking actually..

Heay guys,

I'm writing this entry right after my STAT 200 final paper. The final was in Pollock Testing Center and now, I'm just up stair in the computer lab..

So, how did it go? Hurm..
Surprisingly, I noticed that the final was cumulative when I had my breakfast at DD this morning. I was in a total shock! I took a deep breath, avoiding myself from a panic attack! haha..

So, dengan tenangnya, I went through all of the lecture materials and thank God, sempat 'flip through' sume. And there was one Arab guy, sitting beside me..tanye course ape..and i told him that I'm having a final in one hour time..and he said, you shouldn't be studying at this moment, just have your mind relaxed katanya..**dlm hati, tolong jgn menyebok boleh tak!!!**

but, what he said is true..there's no point for me rushing into the lecture notes at a very last moment. So, I walked out of DD and walked straight ahead to Pollock Testing Center. Arrived there like quarter past 11. Dlm hati still ade this rasa bersalah sebab x sempat nk faham betul2 all the materials. And I took out my lecture notes, and had myself reading for the very very very last moment!

Quarter to 12, I checked in and started my exam already!! I was surprisingly nervous!! Doa banyak2 and Alhamdulillah, dpt jawab sume. Am crossing finger for the result. Based on the final, I'm pretty sure I'll get an A in this course. And I hope my expection turns out to be true. Amin!

2 more finals to go:

Wish me luck guys, cause I need it!



LZ said...

Wow? X well prepared also confident for an A? ;)

It shows that you are well prepared all the time! ;)

abdul haleem arbi said...

i think my carrying marks would help tho..