December 12, 2008

Dusta Berkalang

Heay guys,
It is always raining lately here in State College. I hate it tho it reminds me of Seattle thus reminds me of Twilight..*woot woot!!*

And everyone is busy revising for the final. My first final is going to be on this Sunday, at 12pm, Statistics. Haven't done any revision just yet. Currently concentrating on those tougher courses: Geochemistry and Hydrogeology.

I am sitting by myself in the library, trying to focus on those radioactive lectures. It is tough, really tough. So, to loosen up a lil bit, I shift my attention to a laptop next to me, and God knows what am I doing..haha.. and now after series of 'youtube'ing, I found myself updating this blog.

Confession: It's hard for me to get over of the semi final juara lagu result for balada. It sucks man! So, I go for 'etnik kreatif' now. hehe..and one of the songs that will be competing in the final would be 'DUSTA BERKALANG'. I have never heard of this song before. I suppose it is sang by the winner of Akademi Nasyid, Aiman. I searched for his performance on Youtube, and layaaan jap. And guess what? I like it! I like the melody and I like the lyrics even more. This song is composed by Hafiz Hamidun and the 'puitis lyrics' is written by non other than Ahmad Fedtri Yahya.
I personally think this song can win the category, given Aiman gives a strong performance to outshine Mawi & Heliza.

Okay, this is the wonderful lyrics..enjoy!

Aiman - Dusta Berkalang Lyrics

Semua yang nista
Semua yang dusta
Tidak kan bertahan
Tidak kan tersimpan

Jadi debu berhamburan
Mencari mangsanya
Permainan mayapada
Begitu al-kisah nya

Kanan kiri berkalang
Pantas cari lindungan
Usah rebah hati

Manis racun dunia
Ramai insan tertawan
Rawan tersiksa

Ranumnya sang bulan
Merdunya seri bayu
Hanyalah puraan
Di alam khayalan

Dalam ombak hidup
Kita yang layari
Jangan kau tenggelam

Di arus masa
Harus kau kemudi
Pulang ke hakiki


I think you guys should enjoy Aiman's performance during the semi final, and tell me what you guys think of it.

p/s: I better study ya'all!!



daju said...

if nk focus blaja..mmg tak boleh ade laptop kt sebelah..bahaya..

good luck for finals..strive for the best ok.. =)

abdul haleem arbi said...

thanx daju! all the best to u too!

Anonymous said...

dier nyanyi gune slang arab skit, tuh sedap tuh!!
hebat! montop!