December 5, 2008

And he was just amazing!

Heay guys,

So finally it was John Legend concert last night! And one word: AMAYYYYYZIINGG!!!!!
I was totally blown away by his stage presence and his unique husky voice! The opening was grand - he walked through the crowd all the way to the stage. I love his slow ballad songs..the rendition was so powerful with he himself played the piano. The peak of the show was definitely when he sang Green Light, his single from Evolver. The response from the audience was so overwhelming- they sang and dance along with Legend. Some other facts:

-Raphael Saadiq sang as the opening act. He was good btw.
-The opening song was 'Used To Love You'. And I like the 'hola hola hola' thing.
-He picked one girl to 'Slow Dance' with him on the stage and he gave her a rose! Other girls in the audience were so envy!
-The backup singers were fantastic!
-All the audience sang Ordinary People with him. It was nice! But shame on me for not knowing the words =(
-He did charity too! He urged the audience to donate $5 to Show Me campaign.
-The last song was 'If You're Out There'. This song is so meaningful. During this song, the screen projected many faces of inspiration including Barack Obama.
-John Legend is from Ohio and we booed him! But he wished Penn State luck for the Bowl thingy. Again, he said he loves Buckeyes and got booed! LOL
-The concert took one a half hour.

It is definitely worth my $20!! The best concert I have ever attended to date. Sorry Carrie Underwood =)

And he is the truly Legend!

pictures!!! enjoy!
p/s: go listen to 'Ordinary People' and 'If You're Out There'. go now!
btw here's 'If You're Out There' video, performed during the Democratic National Convention 2008.


Amir Hazwan said...

xperlu la mention carrie underwood tuh. die x bace, peminat die bace. ade yang sentap ye.

Amir Hazwan said...

omg emosinye aku! abaikan haleem. aku tgh pms.

haleem said...

perlu ke sentap uolss?? it is just a statement..